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Valley girl is as valley girl does
Film still from Valley Girl, 1983Valley girl is as valley girl does

You know you're a Valley girl when...

Twenty-five totally-for-sure Valley girl truths, as told by one of the SFV's own

Hey Valley girl. Yeah, we’re looking at you. We know it’s hard defending your hood from stereotypes on a daily basis: The Valley Girl quotes (seriously, we don’t all talk like that), the lack of any real nightlife, the constant reminder of how damn hot it is in the summer. But whether you live in Studio City or North Hollywood, Chatsworth or Tarzana, you know the Valley has more to offer than porn and auto body shops. You may have lived in the SFV your whole life; you may have just moved to LA. But you’re here, your AC is on and that view of the San Gabriel Mountains is looking pretty sweet. And here are 25 reasons you can call yourself a real Valley girl.

1. You go to Menchie’s on the reg, but only because Studio Yogurt closed (we loved you even though you were cash-only).

2. Your neighbors are families. Who have houses. And yards. And driveways. Kids come to your door for Halloween

3. You don’t freak out about street parking because in your hood, there is street parking all day erryday.

4. You know Fryman > Runyon.

5. You have the best sushi spots in LA on speed dial, and they’re all within a mile of your house.

6. You can afford a one bedroom for the same price as a tiny studio in Silver Lake (unless you live in Encino—in which case, can we use your pool?).

7. You're confused when people say there isn’t decent falafel in LA because, duh, Amir’s.

8. You know that Van Nuys is more than porn-central. It still sucks, but it’s home to Dr. Hogly Wogly’s and the Japanese Garden and the new MacLeod Ale Brewing Co.

9. Your regular dive bars include those of the tiki variety.

10. You use your AC in the summer, and your heater in the winter—you know, like the rest of the country.

11. You brave the weekend brunch line at Aroma and, while you’re waiting, point out all the actors that were on that show that one time.

12. You don’t really know anything about Panorama City either.

13. You know that the Americana is way better than the Grove (and you know to park for free at the Glendale Galleria).

14. You don’t shudder when someone mentions strip malls, because your favorite sushi/sandwich/BBQ spot is in one.

15. You’ve seen a play at the El Portal Theatre.

16. You’ve been to 94th Aero Squadron to watch planes land while you have a cocktail.

17. You don’t have to drive to Koreatown or Thai Town or Little Tokyo or Little Ethiopia to experience culinary diversity, because it’s all in the Valley.

18. Burbank is your go-to airport, meaning you can get from the security line to your gate in the same amount of time it takes to drive through LAX’s drop-off loop.

19. Date night includes a quick jaunt to a Mullholland Drive lookout.

20. You have a favorite liquor store, and you know which movie it was featured in.

21. You’ve been to Bob’s Big Boy on Friday night for a car show.

22. You mourned the loss of Henry’s Tacos for a minute, then celebrated when it re-opened across the street (and you refuse to eat at the new Cactus Taqueria).

23. Your landlord told you that your apartment complex was the only one on the block to escape damage from the Northridge earthquake.

24. You love driving home at night from across town, because coming over the hill into the lit-up Valley is like stumbling across the Emerald City.

25. You’re well aware that most people think the Valley girl stereotype is alive and well, but c’mon, guys: Clueless is almost 20 years old. A real Valley girl would never be a virgin who can’t drive.

What makes you a real Valley girl? Tell us in a comment below.

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