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The best of Maui

The 25 best things to do in Maui

There are plenty of awesome things to do in Maui, Hawaii’s second largest island. Given its origins, the destination is often referred to as the Valley Isle: Maui was formed as lava flow from two different volcanoes (Pu’u Kukui and Haleakala) merged to give rise to one incredibly diverse piece of land. Throughout its peaks and valleys, the island is home to an incredible assortment of natural produce, so you’ll often find lots of fruits and greens on the menu of delicious local restaurants, ingredients sometimes also used to make top-notch ales at the best breweries in town. But it’s not all about the food here: we’ve got awesome beaches, hikes, road trips, snorkeling expeditions, sailing adventures and much more. At every turn, expect a combination of island escapades and cultural immersions, backed by famous rainbows and starry skies.

12 of the best hotels in Maui

Maui, we love you. Simple as. The second biggest of the Hawaiian Islands, this special spot comes as close as possible to being a true earthly paradise. So it should come as no surprise to hear that over 2.5 million holiday makers come to Maui each year. This includes the big-hitting golfers looking to score a hole in one at Kapalua’s famous golf courses, the loved-up honeymooners seeking romance under the starry skies, and the nature-worshiping travellers wanting to experience the island’s delectable natural beauty. And when your days consist of visiting the stunning waterfalls of the seven sacred pools and watching the sunrise over Haleakala crater, you need a hotel that matches up. We’ve pulled together our twelve favourite hotels in Maui, keeping an eye out for everything from the family-friendly to the hen party special. Grab a mai tai and enjoy. This article includes affiliate links. These links have no influence on our editorial content. For more information, click here.

Best Maui breweries: Where to drink craft beer on the island

Stroll around your favorite beaches in Maui and you’re bound to find locals savoring craft beers, most made by the two best Maui breweries out there. It may be surprising to learn that there are actually only two full-on breweries on the island: Koholā Brewery, a relative newcomer on the scene, and Maui Brewing Co., which has established itself on and off the island with two restaurants, famous interactive brewery tours and mainland distribution. Day and night, you’ll find goodies made by these breweries in the hands of locals and visitors alike, as the craft beer scene in Maui is small but mighty—and growing: rumor has it a third local brewery may soon land on the market. Until then, join the bustling line to get into one of these craft breweries or stop by one of the top local venues for sampling craft beer, which we list below and is certainly one of the best things to do in town. You’ll find local flavors like pineapple and passion fruit seasonals and coffee stouts with a broad range of pale ales, pilsners and even bitters. If you’re craving more, you might want to visit during the annual Maui Brewers Festival, which usually happens in May.

The 10 best Maui beaches

Some of the best beaches in Maui boast pristine white sands while others are made of mesmerizing black sand that results from lava rock. Whether you prefer to stay at a beachfront resort or camp out in the hills, Maui’s beaches—80 to be precise, 30 miles in total—are open for discovery. Even coastlines that seem exclusive to resorts have public access points, so... dive in! Retrace the footsteps of Maui’s royalty, wander through lava tubes or fine tune your water sport of choice. Some things to do while visiting these awesome destinations: pack a picnic of fresh food made at the best restaurants on the island, bring along a few beers from the top local breweries, catch a luau or simply soak up the sunshine. You’re in for a guaranteed amazing time. RECOMMENDED: Full guide to the best things to do in Maui

The 15 best Maui restaurants

Given that agriculture is the second largest local industry, you can bet you’ll taste exceptional homegrown flavors at the best Maui restaurants. Pro local tip: in addition to visiting awesome breweries and beaches, some of the best things to do in Maui involve exploring the agriculture that gives rise to the food you’ll be consuming on your stay here. Take a drive through Upcountry and notice farms and ranches spread along Mount Haleakala's volcanic slopes. Visit local produce stands to sample papaya and watermelon grown just outside of bustling tourist towns.  From pupu (appetizers) to shared plates and family-style dinners, Maui is known as a culinary destination and its vibrant heritage is showcased within food trucks and fine dining establishments alike. Frequently used ingredients include coconut and macadamia nut, lime and pineapple, taro and sweet potato. Also take some time to celebrate notable island chefs like Abby Ferrer and Ed Morita, who are usually part of the annual Hawaii Food & Wine Festival.