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19 life victories every Miamian will appreciate

By Mike Viera

When it comes to life in the Magic City, Miamians like to play the long game. We don’t get caught up in the minutiae or complain (too much) about things like traffic and weather. Does that make us complacent? Maybe. But we'd rather focus on the positive—because every small step accomplished is a cause for celebration and Instagram posts! While the rest of the country may think we are underachievers, a true Miamian appreciates the little things in life, like these everyday victories.

1. Making a call on your cell phone without it being dropped by MetroPCS (or any other mobile carrier for that matter).

2. Getting on the 836 during rush hour and finding out there are zero accidents blocking the road.

3. Having a lazy weekend without any commitments—a weekend entirely free of a bachelorette/bachelor party, birthday brunch, baptism, bris, bridal shower, baby showers and all showers (including bathroom showers).

4. Riding the Metromover when it doesn’t smell like a toilet.

5. Missing the meter maid—yes!

6. Getting into LIV without having to bribe or blackmail the doorman.

7. Going on a Tinder date with a person who’s within five years of the age he/she claimed to be.

8. Meeting a potential partner over 30 who isn’t divorced and/or has a bunch of illegitimate children.

9. Finding a metered spot in South Beach that still charges less than $4/hour.

10. Getting the last almond croissant at Panther Coffee.

11. Missing the Brickell Avenue bridge—or any bridge in Miami for that matter.

12. Ladies: having someone actually hold the door open for you.

13. Encountering an Uber/Lyft driver who speaks English.

14. Having an Uber driver who follows the GPS instructions/has a sense of direction.

15. Not getting a parking ticket in Coral Gables or South Miami.

16. Running to your car seconds before it starts raining.

17. Finding a spot at the bar at any Coral Gables restaurant during happy hour.

18. Finding a parking spot at Trader Joe’s on the weekend.

19. Arriving anywhere on time.

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