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Downtown Miami
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Downtown Miami neighborhood guide

Get to know Downtown Miami with our guide to the neighborhood’s best blocks, attractions and things to do

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Time Out Miami editors

Downtown Miami is on the up. The once-modest gathering of skyscrapers continues to multiply, as the architecture in this formerly faded city center evolves from colorful, campy 1980s to post-millennium sleek. Not long ago, the scene at ground level was largely characterized by an assortment of tacky discount electronics stores, jewelry stores, pawn shops and $.99 emporiums. However, the past decade has seen a major cultural renaissance, partly signaled by a fresh crop of Miami museums and cool, no-nonsense bars, plus the renewed interest in Downtown Miami’s live music venues. For a part of town that seemingly shuts down at 5pm, Downtown Miami comes alive in other ways—and there’s plenty to do if you just know where to look.

Downtown Miami neighborhood guide

See what’s happening in Downtown Miami