The best desserts in Miami for anyone with a sweet tooth

The best desserts in Miami are here to give you the sugar rush you so badly need
Photograph: Courtesy Three
By Amber Love Bond |

Looking for the best desserts in Miami? We understand. Not everyone has a sweet tooth, but the ones who do know that dinner is only a warm-up for the course that really matters. Sure, we’ll grin through a meal at the best vegetarian restaurants in Miami and accompany you to the best steakhouses in Miami—but what we’re really looking forward to is dessert. Whether it be an off-the-wall flammable dish or a new twist on an old classic, we want it on a plate in front of us. We don’t care it if ruins our beach day abs.

Best desserts in Miami

Phuc Yea
Photograph: Courtesy Yelp/Pamela C.
Restaurants, Vietnamese

Chocolate croissant bread pudding at Phuc Yea

icon-location-pin Little Haiti / Lemon City

The chocolate croissant bread pudding is totally unexpected on the Viet-Cajun menu, but Phuc Yea rarely plays by the rules and this dish is the best kind of surprise. This dessert is rich and gooey with a lovely drizzle of condensed milk and a generous pile of shaved coconut on top. It’ll put you in a sugar coma—but it’s so worth it.

Mad Lab Creamery
Photograph: Virginia Gil
Restaurants, Ice cream parlors

Glitter Matcha Ice Cream at Mad Lab Creamery

icon-location-pin Design District

Pastry Chef Soraya Kilgore has elevated soft serve to a mad science over at the Design District. Here, you can build the ice cream cone of your dreams with fantastical toppings such as rice crispies, Japanese cheesecake, brownies, sprinkles, cotton candy, gold flakes and even edible glitter. Be sure to snag a photo before it starts to melt. 

Photograph: Courtesy Three
Restaurants, Fusion

Chocolate Congo at Three Wynwood

icon-location-pin Wynwood

Dinner gets the attention at Norman Van Aken’s new Wynwood restaurant, but dessert is sneaky good. Pastry Chef Mame Sow is constantly creating chocolate works of art and her Chocolate Congo (it’s Mame’s favorite too, so you know it’s good) is amazing. It’s made with Nyangbo crémeux, congo brownie and cocoa nib ice cream—all fresh and made in-house.

Photograph: Robert Packar
Restaurants, Diners

Carrot Cake Jar at Mason

icon-location-pin Midtown

We’re a sucker for a dessert in a jar. It’s sort of like how triangle sandwiches taste better than squares. We can’t explain it, but it just makes sense. The carrot cake at the new late-night diner Mason has layers of soft carrot cake and luxurious cream cheese icing that come together to create a perfect sweet treat.

Photograph: Courtesy Komodo
Restaurants, Chinese

Rainbow Baked Alaska at Komodo

icon-location-pin Brickell

This ain’t your grandma’s baked Alaska. This over-the-top dessert combo is made with cake batter, strawberry ice cream, funfetti cake, cotton candy, white chocolate Rice Krispies and fruity pebbles. Make sure your camera is ready to capture the rainbow flames in all their glory.

Photograph: Liz Clayman
Restaurants, Italian

Tiramisu at Macchialina

icon-location-pin South Beach

No Italian feast is complete without the tiramisu—especially this tiramisu. Sure, Macchialina does the usual ladyfinger cookies, but they are layered with dulce de leche mousse and topped with an espresso granita. It’s cool, creamy and equal parts refreshing and indulgent. Pro tip: dig your spoon all the way through each layer for the perfect bite.  

The Dutch
Photograph: Candace West
Restaurants, American

Coconut Passion Cake at The Dutch

icon-location-pin South Beach

Executive pastry chef Chef Richard Vaughn, one of the city’s most talented dessert wizards, is responsible for the best coconut cake in town. Inside the cake, you’ll find vanilla anglaise and a scoop of raspberry sorbet waiting for you. It’s creamy and delicious with just the right hint of sweetness.

The Forge
Photograph: Courtesy the Forge
Restaurants, Steakhouse

S’more Souffle at The Forge

icon-location-pin Mid-Beach

You’re already being fancy with a dinner at the Forge, so complete the whole thing with that difficult yet delicious dessert: the made-to-order soufflé. The s’mores soufflé is made from light, fluffy cake batter sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs and served with a side of toasted marshmallow creme and warm chocolate sauce. It takes about 30 minutes to make so you’ll need to order it before dinner service.  

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