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Photograph: La Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC)

Where to find a marijuana dispensary in Montreal

Montreal dispensaries of the Société québécoise du cannabis, where you can buy non-medical cannabis to smoke responsibly

JP Karwacki
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Time Out contributors
JP Karwacki

UPDATE, spring 2023: Since we last rounded up every dispensary in the city, we've added a few more to the list. There’s definitely more than one place in town to pick your buds, buy your joints, select your tea and other products.

Locals and tourists celebrated the first day legalization of marijuana in Canada in October of 2018 by shopping at a SQDC Montreal dispensary, government-run shops that, love ‘em or hate ‘em, deal weed legally. Since opening, hours have been expanded and supply is meeting demand. Here’s where you’ll find all five locations for marijuana in and around the immediate Montreal area to date. Whatever you prefer a strain to do for you—whether it’ll up your appetite for the best cheap eats in Montreal, help you bliss out in Montreal parks or enjoy some open-air Montreal festivals—you’ll find budtenders to help you out at these spots.

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Find a marijuana dispensary in Montreal

Located in the heart of the city, this dispensary’s undoubtedly the busiest of them all with its constant influx of locals and tourists. Even if they move quickly enough, lines are at their longest during the evenings and especially during the weekends with average wait times of 20 minutes and up. That said, stock here—however often they try to replenish it—can run out. You can’t beat convenience, though. Like they say: Location, location, location.

The location of this dispensary is convenient thanks to its location minutes from the Snowdon metro station. Alongside the full selection of products, this one stands out for its neighbourhood’s sightseeing and an excellent international range of restaurants to enjoy after toking up. There’s also Snowdon Deli and plenty of fast food if you’re not that explorative following some potent indica.


The downtown SQDC location tends to get all the attention, but we deem this to be the smarter location to pick up and smoke up. Given this dispensary’s proximity to prime spots to chill out—Jean-Talon Market, parks, cheap eats, notable restaurants and bars—it’s the better spot to peruse. Maybe it’s due to its area’s student and artist crowds, but if we don’t show up early enough in the day to pick our buds, they’re gone before we get there.

Located to the north of Parc-Extension across from the Marché Central shopping center, this dispensary sees visitors from across the upper half of the island—Laval included, unless folks carpool up to Mascouche, but who wants to do that?—and that keeps it just about as busy as all the rest. The real bonus is how close it is to Cinémas Guzzo, and with it, IMAX action flicks or easygoing comedies.


This address is the one taking care of Montreal’s southerly brother. While it might not seem convenient to folks who want to stay on the island, it’s hard to argue with a dispensary being less than a stone’s throw away from cheap Costco hotdogs and some of the best delis or the best Chinese restaurants in Montreal. Our advice if you’re not from Brossard and don’t have a car? Make a day trip of it and relax.

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