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Bota Bota
Photograph: © Bota Bota, spa-sur-l'eau

The best Montreal spas to rest and refresh

Get completely recharged with a visit to one of the best Montreal spas for massages, wellness treatments and more

JP Karwacki
Written by
JP Karwacki

If you’re looking to rest, refresh and take time to pamper yourself, look no further than Montreal spas for top-tier relaxation. The wide range of treatments available, from Turkish baths to Swedish massages, hydrotherapy circuits to acupuncture service, they’re a complete immersion in peaceful atmospheres that escape the sound and fury of daily life. Paying a visit to any one of these institutions is a great way to disconnect anywhere from a few hours to a full day, just a couple notches above staycations at the best hotels in Montreal, meals in the best restaurants or blissing out in Montreal parks or on Montreal beaches

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Where to find the best Montreal spas

Bota Bota
Photograph: Tourisme Montréal / Madore / Maude Chauvin

1. Bota Bota

Even if a spa says it’s all about ‘drifting away’, few places take it as far as this one: A refurbished ferry boat floating on the Saint-Lawrence River in the Old Port, Bota Bota’s one of the top-tier luxury spas in town that features five full decks of saunas, steam baths, whirlpools, showers and cold baths, body and facial treatments, and massage rooms. As you dip in and out of their waters and services, drop your anchor in one of their relaxation areas fitted with hammocks or grab a bite at their onboard restaurant. Don’t miss paying a visit when their event packages are available, which include guided Pilates or yoga classes, or movie nights on occasion.

Strøm Spa Nordique
Photograph: Strøm Spa Nordique / Bianca Des Jardins

2. Strøm Spa Nordique

The oasis-on-an-island feel here’s complete with its location on Nuns' Island. Secluded from the city core among a grove of trees, this spa focuses on the use of natural surroundings to enhance its focus on thermal experiences, massages and beauty treatments. Plunge into a hydrotherapy ritual of hot and cold waters before getting every ounce of tension in your body massaged out, followed by one of their events like lunar nights, wellness retreats, or their bistro with Scandinavian-inspired cuisine made from local products (plus brunches on Sundays, natch).

Scandinave Les Bains Vieux-Montréal
Photograph: Dominic Filion

3. Scandinave Les Bains Vieux-Montréal

If you’re ever wondering where that wave of eucalyptus in the air’s coming from in Old Montreal, this is the source. Step inside, lock your phone away—seriously, you’re obligated to lock your phone up—and start treating yourself to a full Scandinavian series of water circuits, starting with warming up in a sauna before dunking in cooler Nordic baths, relaxing, and getting back to body temp under a warm waterfall. We recommend you pony up and plan to be here for the full day, intermittently passing out on the beanbag chairs—they don’t judge nappers, and neither do we.

Spa William Gray
Photograph: Spa William Gray / Kelly Ryan

4. Spa William Gray

This Old Montreal hotel’s giving other spas in its neighborhood a run for its money with its combination of thermal circuits, massages and body treatments with full package experiences like its bed filled with warm quartz sand where you receive acupuncture and body massages (not to mention the holistic Kansa Wand foot massages!). Even if you’re looking to keep it cheap, the range of options in the thermal circuit—salt, rain, sauna, steam, herbal and ice therapies—goes for a song at $60 (or $45 if you booked a stay at the William Gray Hotel).

Spa Escale Santé
Photograph: Spa Escale Santé /

5. Spa Escale Santé

A superb all-rounder for fans of hydrotherapy, this spa located to the east of the downtown core also doubles down with a specialization in osteopathy to contort you into comfort and get that chi realigned. From body and facial care and massages to extensive bath-based offerings and hair removal—making this place a great one to prep for a wedding—this place also puts a lot of effort towards the little things, like the pH balance of its baths or its ionized fountain for drinking water in its most pure form.

Spa Cloud
Photograph: Spa Cloud / @spacloud

6. Spa Cloud

Sometimes you don’t want to decide what to do next at a spa, and that’s why we like to look to this guided experience in Griffintown. Attendants can take you from one treatment to the next, but the selection of options here merits repeated visits: Climb into a free-standing cryotherapy booth that’s chilled with liquid nitrogen (perfectly safe), white light sessions to induce a hypnagogic state to get your brain pumping out a bit of DMT, using sugar for hair removal, or any one of their other on-the-edge offerings. Come for the innovation, stay for the relaxation.

Photograph: Chloé Crane Leroux

7. Rainspa

Part of the offerings at the Place d'Armes Hotel, this health and wellness spa’s main attraction is a full hammam bath filled with eucalyptus vapors (plus a selection of teas to enjoy after you sweat out those toxins). A total of ten facial and body treatments are also available in conjunction with the bath, from massage packages to exfoliations and facial treatments. If you found yourself at this hotel for a staycation with a date or significant other, grab one of their couples’ packages to clean up after getting down and dirty.

Moment Spa
Photograph: Amerispa / Brian Ypperciel

8. Moment Spa

Located inside the luxurious Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth hotel, this spa embodies the experience of escaping the city without leaving it, given its location in the downtown core. While it caters to business crowds, it’s far from exclusive when considering the bonuses it offers: Two hours of facials, manicures, pedicures, massages and/or body treatments here get you full access to the hotel’s indoor pool, jacuzzi and fitness center. And if you’re looking to gift a man in your life, take note: This place likes to offer male-oriented treatments like basalt stone massages, triple facials and ‘executive’ pedicures.

Le Spa de l’Hôtel Le St-James
Photograph: Kevin Allwood

9. Le Spa de l’Hôtel Le St-James

This is the spa you want when you want the full eat-drink-relax-sleep-repeat package. The Hôtel Le St-James alone sports luxury rooms and one of the best restaurants in Old Montreal, but when you’re wondering what to do in between sleeping off a multi-course extravaganza downstairs? Jump into the steam baths and sauna, hand yourself over to the massage therapists, hit the hot stones or get a body wrap done; it’s all here, inside of a beautiful space featuring the old masonry often found in this historic part of town.

Photograph: Spa Ovarium

10. Ovarium

Nothing says returning to the comfort of the womb like climbing into an egg-shaped isolation chamber, and that’s what this spa in La Petite-Patrie is all about. Their Epsom salt-filled waters keep you suspended on the surface of the water for a full hour of escape in a private room. Make the most of your visit by preceding or following up your session with their massage services and a hot shower, experiment with some light therapy or their NeuroSpa, a ‘zero-gravity’ chair that uses music with comfortingly hypnotic effects.

Espace Thomas
Photograph: Espace Thomas / @espacethomasmtl

11. Espace Thomas

First and foremost a gym and health centre in a refurbished church, this Plateau-based address also features a spa that makes for the ideal post-workout session. There’s a hot and cold spa that’s available year-round—who doesn’t want a hot tub in the winter?—alongside massage services that range from Shiatsu to sport-centric methods that will either get back up on your feet or relaxed and down for the count. Bonus: The thermal baths are included in gym memberships.

Spa Diva
Photograph: Spa Diva /

12. Spa Diva

Don’t miss passing by this spa in Les Cours Mont Royal, located inside the commercial portion of the Underground City. One of those legacy spas that’s been serving Montrealers for years—two decades and counting!—its specialty lies in the range of rejuvenating beautification services it offers among swanky digs. High-end facials, body wraps, massages and the ultimate pedicure and manicure delivered on massage chairs; it’s one of those playground-style spas to bring a friend, date or partner and enjoy jumping from luxury to luxury throughout the day before (or after) you start shopping nearby.

Nubia Spa Vert
Photograph: Nubia Spa Vert / @NubiaSpaVert

13. Nubia Spa Vert

This Mile End spa likes to ‘warn’ its customers that prolonged exposure to its form of care results in a euphoric addicition, and we can get behind that. Customers come here for the therapeutic massages, private infratherapy saunas, facial treatments and massages, or just to dig into their selection of organic products made by hand from local and fair trade ingredients. The private sauna here’s exceptionally cheap at $30, meaning you can duck in and drop out before hitting the streets again.

Espace Nomad
Photograph: Espace Nomad /

14. Espace Nomad

Billing itself as the top ecofriendly spa in town, this holistic spa excels on one hand for the different types of facials, vegan manicures and pedicures (toxin-free) it offers, with a specialization in massages, beauty and body treatments on the other. Making a point of using organic products—and that includes the in-house juice bar—makes this place a good guilt-free option that will satisfy the most devout vegan or environmentally conscious spa seeker.

Centrale Parc
Photograph: Centrale Parc / @SpaCentraleParcMontreal

15. Centrale Parc

A student-friendly operation facing Lafontaine Park, Centrale Parc offers a boutique setting with offerings that go easy on the wallet without skimping on prerequisite quality. Massage, body care, baths and facials are the primary drawcards here, but there are clinical options for those looking for mental and physical pain relief as well: Fasciatherapy for body tissues, cranial therapy for the head-centric pains, kinesitherapy for movement and osteopathy for muscles and joints. If you’re looking for something completely guided, the spa ritual packages to have you letting go and drifting away in no time.

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