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Singapore Airlines plane landing at Hong Kong
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Travel between Singapore and Hong Kong is officially coming back

The two cities have agreed to set up an ‘air travel bubble’, letting you travel without a quarantine

James Manning

Since March, Hong Kong and Singapore have kept their borders tightly closed. In both cities, residents have found themselves unable to travel, strict quarantines have been imposed, and short-term visitors have been banned. Now things are finally changing, with a new arrangement between the Hong Kong and Singapore governments that’s set to bring back travel at last.

The ‘Air Travel Bubble’ announced this week will allow travel between the two cities for any reason – even vacations! – as long as travellers provide a negative PCR test result. Not only that, but you wouldn’t have to quarantine at all. A limited number of dedicated flights will start soon under the scheme, which has been agreed due to the low case numbers in both places.

Singapore already has travel arrangements with a number of other territories, but none so far that allow leisure travel. Elsewhere in the world, travel bubbles (an idea originally proposed way back in May) are being set up between London and New York and Australia and New Zealand. Japan is also creating a limited travel bubble with a handful of Asian regions. However, all of these arrangements come with more restrictions than the proposed Singapore-Hong Kong bubble.

The exact timeframe is to be announced ‘in the coming weeks’, according to the Hong Kong government’s press release. But it’s great news for both Singaporeans and Hongkongers, who have had had to feed their wanderlust over the past six months with hiking trails, pop-up plane restaurants and ‘cruises to nowhere’.

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