"Brancusi in New York 1913-2013"

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"Brancusi in New York 1913-2013"
This year marks the centennial of the 1913 Armory show, which introduced avant-garde art from Europe to the U.S. amid a storm of media coverage and controversy. One artist in the exhibition was Constantin Brancusi (1876–1957), a Romanian émigré to Paris who revolutionized sculpture by simplifying form and changing the relationship of the sculptural object to the space around it. Brancusi himself stated that America had made his reputation, and in fact, his work found an appreciative audience here—and was widely collected. With that in mind, the gallery offers this must-see presentation of five polished bronze versions of Brancusi's most famous works, including Mademoiselle Pogany II, The Newborn and Fish.


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