Maria Petschnig, "Petschnigs'"

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Maria Petschnig, "Petschnigs'"
Incest and BDSM are the not-so-subtle subtexts of the work of this Austrian transplant to New York, and they're especially evident in her current show. The gallery has been transformed to resemble a serial killer's basement rec room—complete with an acoustic-tile drop ceiling and cheesy wood paneling. (The room is actually modelled on the attic of her childhood home.) Also made of wood: a protruding ring of the sort usually found in dungeons, mounted on the wall with a pair of stuffed pantyhose stuck through it. Likewise, an upright mattress wrapped tightly with a sheet appears to be smuggling balloons or maybe severed heads. The creepy vibe carries over to a video, which, among other things, features the artist and her twin sister lying naked side by side in a bathtub while ensnared in fishing nets.


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