The Chadwicks, "Furling the Spanker: Masterworks from the Chadwicks’ Nautical Collection"

Artist Jimbo Blachly and writer Lytle Shaw return as the self-appointed chroniclers of the Chadwicks, a family of British worthies who figured prominently in London's polite society from roughly the 17th to the 19th century. As sea captains, naval engineers, eminent connoisseurs and amateur historians, the Chadwicks visited the four corners of the Empire, bringing home accounts and collectibles from their high-seas adventures to their ancestral seat, Chadwick Manor. They are also the completely fictional fruits of Blachly and Shaw's imaginations. The pair go all in, as usual, in mining the equally made-up Chadwick archive and collection, to present hand-tinted prints from the maritime section of Chadwick's Illustrated History, as well as a richly detailed scale model of Nelson's flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar. It's nautical nonsense served with a stiff upper lip.


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