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Top five shows: June 20–26, 2013

The best of the week in art.

 (Photograph: Andreas Tjeldflaat)
Photograph: Andreas Tjeldflaat

James Turrell at Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
For his first New York museum show since 1980, the maestro of California Light and Space art transforms the Gugg’s rotunda into a spectacle of optical legerdemain. Fri 21–Sept 25

 (Photograph: Collection of Robert E. Jackson)
Photograph: Collection of Robert E. Jackson

“Snapshot Noir: Snapshot Stories from the Collection of Robert E. Jackson” at Pace/MacGill
The sometimes weird and uncanny aspects of otherwise ordinary images are the focus of this show of found personal photos. Thu 20–Aug 21

 (Photograph: Courtesy Salon 94)
Photograph: Courtesy Salon 94

Jimmy De Sana at Salon 94 Bowery
A fixture of New York’s downtown music scene of the late 1970s and early ’80s, De Sana’s photos are both lurid and classical, surreal and pornographic. Thu 20–Aug 16

 (Photograph: Courtesy 303 gallery)
Photograph: Courtesy 303 gallery

Jane and Louise Wilson at 303 Gallery
This show by the British artist-sister duo includes photos taken at Pripyat, the town abandoned in 1986 after the meltdown at nearby Chernobyl. Tue 25–Aug 2

 (Photograph: Courtesy Nicelle Beauchene Gallery)
Photograph: Courtesy Nicelle Beauchene Gallery

Eamon Ore-Giron at Nicelle Beauchene Gallery
The L.A. artist’s intimate geometric abstractions are inspired in part by the work of midcentury Latin American modernists such as Carmen Herrera and Maria Freire. Through July 12