John Zorn

John Zorn
Photograph: Scott Irvine John Zorn
After the daylong Metropolitan Museum blowout on Septt 28, the guru of the downtown avant-garde continues his relentless 60th-birthday tear with a dazzling doubleheader in the Village. At 6:30pm, the composer presents his Song Project—which spotlights the diverse vocal trio of Mike Patton, Jesse Harris and Sofia Rei—backed by an ace supporting cast including Zorn regulars Marc Ribot, John Medeski, Trevor Dunn, Kenny Wollesen, Cyro Baptista and Joey Baron. At 10:30pm, Zorn returns to the stage with Patton, Medeski, Dunn and Baron to present his harrowing gothic-prog ensemble Moonchild. This ought to be a hell of a night.