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Photograph: Paul Wagtouicz
Photograph: Paul WagtouiczBoobie Trap

Bushwick’s new breast-themed bar Boobie Trap is all about the twins

A breastaurant (sorry, we couldn’t resist) dedicated to beer, barbecue and, of course, boobs


Owner-bartender Kristen North doles out slow-smoked barbecue and pitchers of margaritas at her kitschy watering hole decked out in breasts and aptly named Boobie Trap. Rocking a '70s playlist heavy on Johnny Cash, this throwback den in Bushwick is plastered in '90s nostalgia (think Slinkys, plastic dinosaurs and roller skates) and a suds list dominated by canned beer. Ask for a draft, and North will pull a tap from a topless mannequin behind the bar—once she lights the neon pink "fuck off" sign.

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