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  1. Photograph: Virginia Rollison
    Photograph: Virginia Rollison

    Miami Vice at Golden Cadillac Food & Drink

  2. Photograph: Virginia Rollison
    Photograph: Virginia Rollison

    Hot Grasshopper at Golden Cadillac Food & Drink

  3. Photograph: Virginia Rollison
    Photograph: Virginia Rollison

    Golden Cadillac at Golden Cadillac Food & Drink

  4. Photograph: Virginia Rollison
    Photograph: Virginia Rollison

    Extra Dirty Martini at Golden Cadillac Food & Drink

  5. Photograph: Virginia Rollison
    Photograph: Virginia Rollison

    Tea Time Negroni at Golden Cadillac Food & Drink

Golden Cadillac Food & Drink debuts in the East Village

Booze all-stars Giuseppe Gonzalez (PKNY, Clover Club) and Greg Boehm (Cocktail Kingdom) debut their much-anticipated 55-seat cocktail bar, an ode to the gritty 1970s.


Before Times Square transformed into a light-polluted tourist trap and the Bowery became a monied playground, New York City’s streets were littered with a far-grittier bunch. Nostalgic for the 1970s, third-generation barman Giuseppe Gonzalez (PKNY, Clover Club) and drinks historian Greg Boehm (owner of barware emporium Cocktail Kingdom) join forces for the first time for this ode to the seedy decade, opening November 6th. At the 55-seat spot—outfitted with a wooden canopy bar and patterned wallpaper—the powerhouse duo revives maligned classics like the hot grasshopper, the sour-apple Bellini and the Miami Vice (a frozen piña colada with a strawberry daiquiri float). To match the throwback quaffs, chef Miguel Trinidad (Maharlika, Jeepney) crafts a menu of retro comfort eats from vintage food magazines—a shrimp Louis salad with Treasure Island dressing; a deep-fried Monte Cristo sandwich; and Italian turnovers stuffed with tomato alla vodka and cheese. 13 First Ave at 1st St (646-924-8153)



Extra Dirty Martini – gin, olive, pickle & onion brine, olive oil, $13
Final Ward – rye, lime, green Chartreuse, maraschino, $13
Rockette Swizzle – vodka, lime, mint, sugar, soda, $13
Sauternes Cobbler – Sauternes, fresh fruit, bleu cheese, $13
Fort Point – rye, sweet vermouth, Benedictine, $13
Island in the Stream – rum, lime, grapefruit, elderflower, $13
El Guapo – tequila, lime, cucumber, worcestershire, hot sauce, sugar, $13
Golden Cadillac 2014 – Galliano, creme de cacao, cream, orange bitters, $13
Spiced Piña Colada – spiced rum, pineapple, cream of coconut, $14
Miami Vice – piña Colada & Strawberry Daiquiri , $14

Beijing Peach – jasmin-infused vodka, lime, peach, $13
Irish Coffee – irish whiskey, brown sugar, cream, $13
Benton's Old Fashioned – fat-washed bourbon, maple syrup, bitters, $13
Bosom Caresser – cognac, curacao, grenadine, egg, $13
Hot Grasshopper – crème de menthe & cacao, cream, $13
"English Style" Long Island – gin, tequila, rum, vodka, tonic syrup, Mexican coke, $12 

Mezcal Mule – mezcal, passion fruit, ginger, cucumber, $13
Pink Chihuahua  tequila, lemon, orgeat, pomegranate, egg white, $13
Bloody Caesar – vodka, tomato clam juice, worcestershire, salt, pepper, $14
Cosmopolitan – citrus vodka, lime, triple sec, cranberry, $13
Tea-Time Negroni – gin, Campari, sweet vermouth, chocolate, $13
Earl Grey Mar-tea-ni – Earl Grey-infused gin, lemon, sugar, $13
Ramos Gin Fizz – gin, lime, lemon, cream, orange blossom, sugar, $13
Black Mamba – rye, green Chartreuse, Pommeau de Normandie, $13
Sour Apple Bellini – "sour apple" juice, champagne, $15
Buttery Nipple – whisky, lemon, brown sugar, milk 

Nuclear Bananaa Snaquiri – overproof rum, lime, green Chartreuse, banana, $14

Chicken liver pâte – served with cake doughnuts, $8
Deviled eggs – uni, caviar, $7
BQE Hot Dog Trio – Bronx (chopped liver chili and raw onions), Queens (banana-beer ketchup, caramelized onions), Brooklyn (smoked mustard and cabbage), $8
Italian Cigars – tomato a la vodka, mozzarella, parmesan cheese, wonton roll, $7
Knish Fondue (for 2 or 4) – potato croquette with creamy cheese sauce, $12/$24
Oysters Rockefeller – Blue Point oysters wrapped in spinach, breaded and fried, served with dipping sauce, $9
Monte Cristo Minis– smoked duck, ham, Swiss sandwich, maple syrup, deep fried, $9
Tomato soup – served with grilled cheese crouton, $9
Roasted beet salad – baby beets, market greens, shaved Brussel sprouts, micro scallions, avocado dressing, $12

Schnitzel – breaded pan-fried chicken paillard, choice of 2 sides, $15
Steak Diane - with mushroom gravy, choice of 2 sides, $24
NY, NY Trout - pan seared New York State trout, golden cauliflower, green peas, $19
Shrimp Louie - grilled jumbo shrimp, iceberg wedge, tomato, medium boiled egg, Treasue Island dressing, $18
Galliano Ribs - beef ribs marinated in Galliano, fresh herbs, entree size served with choice of 2 sides, $9/$20
Grand Caddy Burger - 8oz burger, fontina cheese, challah, Treasure Island dressing, $14 (add $2 for crispy duck, surryano ham or bacon)
Hunter's Stew (for 4) - large pot, bread loaf, butter, $44
Veggie Meatloaf - potato faro loaf, cucumber salad, $12

Golden Cauliflower, $7
Sauteed Haricot Vert, $6
Truffled Butter Peas, $6
Tuna Casserole, $7
Sliced Onions & Tomatoes, $6
Poutine Disco Fries, $8
Honey Glazed Carrots, $6

Butterscotch Pudding, $6
Lemon Pound Cake, $7
Jello Mold, $7

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