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10 albums we don't want in our iTunes (in addition to the new U2)

Andrew Frisicano

You might have heard that Apple—in a totally uncreepy, not-Big-Brother-ish way—added the new U2 album to everyone's iTunes library without asking. At this point, the backlash is in full effect and the people have spoken: Apple bros, keep your stinkin' hands off my music library.

Really though, U2's Songs of Innocence album is a fairly anodyne collection of harmless stadium rock. But what if the same promotion was used for more nefarious ends? We humbly present a handful of worst-case scenarios. 

10. Sounds of Sadness: Field Recordings from the Port Authority Food Court

9. Lady Gaga Sings John Grisham

8. Weird Al's Saturday Night Polka Party for One

7. Sane Clown Posse Carnival of Fun

6. Fred Durst Unplugged

5. Steven Seagal Songs from the Crystal Cave [which is real and contains this dancehall song]

4. Rock-a-Bye Be-bop: Free Jazz to Swaddle Your Child To

3. Brooklyn Bagpipe Orchestra The Pipers at the Gates of Dawn

2. Aerosmith Honkin' on Bobo [which is also real]

1. Anything by Creed



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