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10 everyday heroes of New York who deserve your praise

Written by
Cleo Bergman

Whether it's a generous barista at our local coffee shop or a total stranger with a big heart (and the best of manners), some New Yorkers simply make the city a better place. There are thousands of people around town who go above and beyond to help out their fellow city dwellers, often without receiving or expecting any credit. Here are 10 of New York's unsung heroes who warrant your appreciation. 

The halal and pizza guys who are still open at 3AM: Thank these brave food soldiers for always supplying our insatiable appetite for everything good and carb-ridden after a drunken night out. Thank them especially for never judging you.

People who help carry strollers up and down subway stairs: While this could be chalked up to simple common courtesy, it’s still wonderful to see someone take a pause in the bustling city to help a parent out.

The workers who keep Bryant Park’s public bathrooms among the cleanest in the city: “What is this sorcery?” we ask ourselves time and time again whenever we enter Bryant Park’s citrus-scented, marble-tiled bathrooms with tasteful flower decorations. There is magic in the city, and the park’s workers use it to defy all expectations of public bathrooms.

Strangers who let you go first: It’s easy to get wrapped up in ourselves when we’re constantly moving, but when someone lets you go ahead of them in line for coffee or opens a door for you, we are humbly reminded of how chivalry is alive and well in a city that hardly stops for anyone.

The person who yells “back door!” when the bus is about to pull away without letting you off: Guardian angels take form in the folks that always have our backs on public transit.

The person who keeps the elevator door open for you: They’ve got shit to do and places to go, but they understand the pain of JUST missing the elevator. Thank them for their empathy.

Waiters and bartenders who throw in a freebie just for you: Sometimes we’re not sure if they’re flirting, or just really, really nice, but the important thing is that they just made you feel like a VIP.

The cashier who lets you get away with not paying a few pennies: These glorious cashiers are capable of restoring one's faith in customer service by keeping our pockets free of clunky change.

Sanitation workers: From the everyday trash that gets thoughtlessly thrown on the ground to the crazy amount of the confetti that flies into the air during New Years, we city folk can be a dirty bunch. It’s thanks to these workers who tirelessly clean the streets during odd hours that the city is always restored to its former glory by 6AM.

Delivery workers who come in rain, sleet and snow: These tireless employees are always there for us our nights in. They heroically charge into the elements to bring you the food that you were too lazy to go and pick up. Especially in the winter, delivery drivers are New York's true heroes. 

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