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10 food-loving Instagram accounts to follow in NYC

Written by
Dan Q Dao

If a dish is eaten and no one was there to Instagram it, did it really happen? For better or worse, we live in a time (and city) where Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat get a first take on what's new and buzzing across the worlds of food, fashion and lifestyle. And with any iPhone-wielding citizen capable of hunting down and documenting the best #foodporn in the city, it can be quite a task to sift out the most follow-worthy accounts of the bunch. From big-league photographers to tech-savvy chefs and enterprising college students, here are 10 food-filled Instagram handles you need to check out pronto. 

1. Daniel Krieger (@danielkrieger)

Covering food for major New York publications, photographer Daniel Krieger is clued-in on the newest, trending restaurants in New York. And unlike many of his Instagram-shunning industry peers, he opens that behind-the-scenes world to the public via his drool-worthy account, a mobile-phone masterclass on lighting, framing and angles. 


A photo posted by Food photographer (@danielkrieger) on

2. Aaron & Diana Arizpe (@pocketfork & @onceuponabite)

Husband-wife duo Aaron and Diana love to cook, dine out and share all of their gastro conquests with their loyal followers. They're both hospitality industry veterans (he's a booker at Chef's Club and she's a cook), so they know what's up. 


A photo posted by @onceuponabite on

3. Patrick Janelle (@aguynamedpatrick)

The self-proclaimed "man about town" snaps stunning, iPhone-only photos of the city's streets, fashion and food. And when it comes to drinking the prettiest cappuccinos, he's definitely one to watch. 


A photo posted by Patrick Janelle (@aguynamedpatrick) on

4. Evan Sung (@evansungnyc

Another professional on the list, Sung's shot for the likes of Gotham, Bloomberg and, yes, Time Out New York. He travels quite a bit for that work, so his feed also includes some nice city-breaks (hello, great-eats L.A.). 


A photo posted by Evan Sung (@evansungnyc) on

5. Mike Chau (@foodbabyny

You can always trust these two young eaters to be snacking on the most coveted dishes (and sitting at the toughest tables) in New York. This is definitely the cutest account on the list, but what happens when they grow up?


A photo posted by Food Baby (@foodbabyny) on

6. Jackie Gebel (@noleftovers_

As social-media manager for a hospitality PR firm by day, Gebel's career often overlaps with her passion for food Instagramming. The best part about this feed? Every caption comes with a witty, sometimes dad-joke–worthy pun. 

7. Dillon Burke (@threadsalt

Dillon Burke grew up eating really well (his dad's James Beard-awarded chef David Burke), so you can trust he's got high standards. 


A photo posted by dillon burke (@threadsalt) on

8. Skyler Bouchard (@nycdining

A full-time food blogger and advocate of the infamous split-sandwich shot (see below), Bouchard's diet seems to be at least 50% bagel. And we're totally fine with that. 


A photo posted by Dining With Skyler (@nycdining) on

9. Camille Becerra (@camillebecerra

The former Navy executive chef and food stylist first gained prominence on season 3 of Bravo's Top Chef. Her aesthetic feed highlights healthy at-home eats, trips to the greenmarket and a love of dining out. And for Becerra, the app is a two-way street—she tells Playboy in an interview, "If there’s a certain dish that people seem connected to and I see a lot of beautiful pictures of it, I keep it on my menu.”


A photo posted by @camillebecerra on

10. Laura Jung (@cityfoodie

This isn't your average instant ramen–eating, pumpkin spice latte–drinking college student. Though she's still finishing up her time at NYU, Jung's Instagram proves that she's used to dining at the city's top tables on a regular basis.  


A photo posted by #CITYFOODIE (@cityfoodie) on

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