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10 items every New York woman has in her closet

Written by
Jennifer Picht

New York fashion never goes out of style? Nah, how about New Yorkers always go out in style. Let's just own it already—we're a good-looking bunch. But we do owe a fraction of our all-around chicness to the best shops in town. (FYI: We're the number one shopping city in the world.) After living in NYC for a while, you probably noticed that women gravitate toward the same fashion staples as, well, you. But does that mean we're all a bunch of style biters? Hell, no! We rock the same styles in our own unique way.

So whether you want to up your fashion knowledge or simply confirm that you do, in fact, own the most popular fashion items right now, check out our list below! 

This bag.  

This one, too. 

Yeah, we buy extra-tight jeans with holes in them. What of it?

A legit black leather jacket because, duh. 

You can never go wrong with a plain white T-shirt. Never. 

Stan Smiths, man.  

Black leather booties (a.k.a. the shoes you live in from October through March.) 

A dress that looks a lot like this one. 

 There is no other winter parka. None. 

 Say my name. So, er, I don't have to say it. Nameplate necklaces = time savers.  

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