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10 MTA fails that will have you shaking your head

Will Gleason

With money soon to be coming in through the MTA Capital Program, hopefully New York’s oft-derided public transportation agency will be able to address the system’s increasing delays, technical failures and some of their more, uh… unique shortcomings. From misspelled signs to creative repairs, the images compiled from reddit below show 10 times the Metropolitan Transit Authority didn't quuuuiiite nail it.

1. That time they got something almost right.

Photograph: reddit/Zelda22

2. That time they misspelled "Bleecker."

Photograph: reddit/oztin

3. That time they were a little too honest.

Photograph: reddit/Voxie

4. That time they made you wonder what your other options were.

Photograph: reddit/ohgodohgodimrunning

5. That time they forgot to clean up the bleach.

Photograph: reddit/Iterr

6. That time they said a MetroCard expired before MetroCards existed.

Photograph: reddit/mikeluscher159

7. That time they thought they were an arcade.

Photograph: reddit/internet15

8. That time they had to get especially thrifty.

Photograph: reddit/Topher1999

9. That other time they had to get especially thrifty.

Photograph: reddit/sometimesavowel

10. That time they finally started making some improvements.

Photograph: reddit/F_M_R


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