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10 NYC fashion types you’ll see every time spring fakes us out

Written by
Sophie Harris

By Time Out contributors, edited by Sophie Harris

We admit it—we love spring so much that it makes us want to skip down the street and throw our arms around the nearest blossom tree. Not so long ago, we were looking at how New Yorkers were dealing with the cold (tactics included with ski wear and denial). But right now, we're in that weird transition zone, where it's too nice and sunny out (thank God) to be winter, but it's not quite warm enough to be truly spring. So how do you dress for a sweet 45-degree day like this one? Here's our roundup of what we're seeing on the streets.

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1. The shivering fashionista
She's been waiting all winter to wear that little spring dress, and she’ll be damned if something as trivial as temperatures barely above freezing are going to stop her.

2. The suspicious mind
He won't hand in the fur coat till it's 60 degrees or above, no matter how blue that sky is.

3. The seasonal mullet wearer
Winter on the bottom (Uggs, thick socks), spring on top (T-shirt, denim jacket). There’s also the rarer reverse mullet: winter on top (scarf, hat), spring on the bottom (sandals, no socks). Just choose a look and stick with it already!

4. Blindingly white sneakers
Because snow-free strolling means brand new Converse, but aargh, the dazzle! For all of five seconds, at least, before they step in a giant black puddle of slush.

5. The layers master
The perfectly lined jacket, light sweater, just-right spring scarf and a yep-I-got-it-right smile. Well played, but damn you all the same.

6. The no-tights daredevil
We don’t even need to say we told you so.

7. So over winter
New shirt, new pants, label hanging out the back, whistling while he walks 'cause he's doing spring and what are you going to do about it? 

8. Dude in flip-flops
Spring means sandals, right? Tube socks optional.

9. The spring skipper
Skips right over spring and goes straight for summer, happily wearing shorts in March like it’s not completely crazy.

10. The perfectionist
Despite the varying temps on the sidewalk and in the subway, they always look perfectly seasonally appropriate—not a bead of sweat on the brow, not a strand of hair frizzy or out of place. About as common in NYC as the Loch Ness Monster.

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