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10 photos of rude subway riders that will fill you with rage

Every once in awhile you come across a fellow commuter who could absolutely not care less about basic rules of subway etiquette. From underground diners to sleepy riders turning an entire bench into their private cabana, these photos of DGAF riders are sure to get you seething.

1. The bro who partied too hard in Montauk.

Photograph: reddit/xacido


2. The biker who doesn't trust his fellow riders.

Photograph: reddit/the_next_cheesus


3. The bento box on the B train guy.

Photograph: reddit/Rasterbator


4. The floor lounger.

Photograph: reddit/newsballs


5. The not about to miss breakfast guy.

Photograph: reddit/Ericisweird


6. The "you CAN take it with you" urban gentleman.

Photograph: reddit/TheFuturist47


7. The subway camper.

Photograph: reddit/Electrorocket


8. The blatant sign ignorer.

Photograph: reddit/DunieMunny


9. The parka parker.

Photograph: reddit/sideshowj


10. The 24/7 musician.

Photograph: reddit/zazzyzulu




Gary Seven

And let's not forget the special place in hell reserved for the @ssholes who open up their spicy Thai soup during rush hour, knocking over the other passengers with the stench-then proceed to slurp it loudly enough for people to consider finishing the ride between the cars.  

Juliette S

Lady taking up two seats during rush hour.

Gary Seven

Let's just make it an unofficial NYC rule that anyone who eats pungent food in a subway car or any other public close proximity is okay with having it dumped in their lap. 

Laura F

Author Will: Your own blurb is grammatically incorrect: "couldn't care less" is what you were trying to communicate! The atrocious spelling, grammar and syntax by most of those who have posted comments here is as nauseating as the behavior of some of the passengers

hector c

Every damn day some new bull@*t on those subways.....

Mary F

Long Island Railroad is worse.  Once I took the closest seat to the door because I am middle aged and crippled.  The very young, fit person with a score of bags filling multiple seats started to chew me out because I took the seat he vacated.  He started to lecture me and all I could think of was that there could be a fine for each violation.  How I would have loved to have seen a railroad cop.

Karen L

Then there is the large booty female trying to fit in the middle seat even though she knows that all that ass is not going to fit but will put it in that tiny space and have half of her ass on my now i am standing

Lisa P

@Karen L I feel your pain Karen. it happened to me too on the LIRR and the E train.  She bullied you - don't let her or anyone else bully you again. I didn't and I am not sorry. These people know exactly what they are doing - DON'T LET PEOPLE TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU. they don't care about you or have any respect for you either.  You of course will always be your polite self, but tell them NO the next time.  Have a nice day. 

Karen L

Oh you missed the indian guy whose toes and feet so crusty looking and have the the balls to take them out his slippets and put them on the seat like he is on his living room lounging chair....

Antiqua M

Photos do not show the bad smells! Ugh!!

Joanne E A

Everyone on the subways are arrognant and nasty in certain degrees,it depends on the individual who is rude and arrognant and down right nasty to their fellow riders.People are going to be the way  that they chose to be and the hell with what the ones who offer their seasts to an elderly person or to a lady, There is to much unrest in this world that we all live in and the way that we are to each other really makes one wonder the way that they were brought up? We live in a violent society that strikes first and asks questions very much later. 

When it comes to the subways and the buses, we all should be as polite and curtious as we expect others to be as well,,We all should practice performing good deeds and kindness to each other, but there is to much hate and despair among us all in this society.

The subways are filthy and rodent infested as well so we add unkindness and no respect to the list of the Mass transit system ,Even the staffers of the trains and buses are not pleasant as well as the riders,some of the operators on the trains and buses are somewhat pleasant but there are very few of them.

Again, we should improve our system of the rails and the buses and the people who operate them and the people who ride them ,to curtail their stupidness and lack  of manners towards each other on the system's transportational usuage to get to and from work and home Then maybe it would not be as bad as it always is.

Earl E

I was on a packed train once 29th a douchebag taking up two seats. I saw a couple standing and asked the couple of the lady would like my seat loudly. They said thanks but no. I said it wad gone to please take my seat, but they said no anyway. 

My devious plan was to stand up and say loudly after "only a real jerk wouldn't offer his seat to a lady!" while staring at the guy taking up two seats.

Don't people offer anymore?

Kiven A

i was born in another country. i grew up in Rhode Island.

and i wanna tell you.  N.Y.C. mass transit is the real deal. most outsiders don't get reality like New Yorkers. you learn more about why you love hate and pity humanity in general and yourself everyday riding the subway. it is not exclusive like a resort. not segregated like beverly hills. you are there with all of humanity. the working class humanity, all of them, around the world. their kids, their families. their heart aches. their successes. their down and out and them making supper....with choped onion. 

true story. 

got off work at 5 pm got on the e train.( not crowded for some reason…odd) 

i sat across a Asian couple. grandma and her teen daughter. they stared at me very angrily. a minute later the grand mother lean over to the teenage daughter point her finger at me and scream "YOU SPY!" STOP LOOKING AT US! YOU SPY" 

i was shock. but didn't really understand what going on. they dress in "Vietnamese" style. and i mean real "Vietnamese" style.

they got off before queens. but i was just thinking why they would say that? I think people bring their own fear from their past experience with them to this country. I just got a sample of their suffering. their lives living in fear. that long with teenagers from new jersey puking their guts out during any drunken holiday is my favorite experience in the subway. 

John L

Dicing onions on the 2 train.

Judith S

What's her problem she can't do this at home because the roaches come out. Nasty bitch

Ana S

I'm a 57 old disable women. I'm born and raised in the Bx and still are amazed at especially people from other culture tha don't get it. Please look and learn that you respect others and stop staring at other's and pointing finger and talking with your companion loud and times screaming yes screaming to get your point a cross. Please keep the conversation to yourself. Thank you.

Phill K

You can always tell who are REAL New Yorkers born and raised... and who are just transplants who are better off going to Portland or San Francisco... STFU you annoying spoiled brats...

Oswaldo R

What about the guy who defacated in between the two subway cars ,and after he was finished came right back into the subway car to finish enjoying his ride. On the number 4 line. Ahh,Life is good in NEW York City.

Anthony D

@Oswaldo R I seen a guy smoking crack between the two cars!life in NY is great!!who needs TV just take a ride on the train and I guarantee that you will see something!!😯✌😎

Ayesha E


Rob W

"...but every once in awhile you come across a fellow commuter who could absolutely care less..."

AAAAAAARG!  C'mon people, THINK about what you're writing!!!  These fellow commuters could NOT care less about etiquette.  By writing "could care less" you're showing that you could not care less about writing thoughtfully.  Really.  STOP IT!!!

Blythe B

Picture number and comments as follows:

1) Annoying, but not rage inducing. Having cops mess with this guy and arrest him for sleeping will fill me with rage.

2) Not really (trust not, suffer not)

3) Heh

4) Probaly drunk

5) meh

6) heh

7) see 1

8) oh, this guy is a douche bag. The way he is standing alone tells me this.

9) Um, isn't this normal for winter? O_o

10) This is what iPods/smartphones are for.

Sorry, only 8 actualy enraged me, and that is only because I don't like douchebags.

(I must have thick skin)

Crystal C

@Blythe B: Not being a New Yorker, waking people up so others have a seat doesn't bother me.  Real strap hangers sleep sitting up. Even with #8, I simply grab the pole anyway. If my hand digs into his back, oh well. 

Mel B

people need to role with the punches.

Nomemoleste Y

N.Y.C. subways are truly scary. I rather take a cab to get around when I visit . I can't afford doing this most of the time;but prefer to be broke than stabbed etc. There are a lot of crazies on these trains and no police. No thank you.

Niko K

Nice try....I've never ridden the subway for the same reason, there's way too many criminals on that filthy disgusting mode of transportation.Ill take the express bus if I'm forced to not drive into the city. New York in general is a rude disgusting place filled with creeps, assholes, and mean people.

If it is so great they why are people paying almost 3x the fare to go on an express bus?

Edward K

There's no need to insult people Frank, she is stating the truth. When is the last time you got on a subway.

Blythe B

When was the last time you took the subway?

Kenneth G

@Niko K First of all, Trains do not reach all corners of the five boroughs. Express buses are convenient because some rather not take the train and then a bus to get to thier destination if one express bus gets you closer. Secondly, express buses are not nearly as crowded as trains, granted. But, sit near someone who stays on ther cell for the whole ride and it's just as annoying as a crowded train. As far as the crime on the trains, like any big city it is always a possibility. Take it from a native NY'er. Look like a victim and chances are you'll be one eventually.

Elaine B Tastemaker

@Blythe B  He said never - so he knows what he is talking about - right? Wish he'd stay away from the city, we do not need his type.

Frank S

If that's how you feel about NYC please never come back. You're an ignorant moron to think you'll get stabbed. Only an idiot thinks like you do.

Kiven A

@Nomemoleste Y  i was born in another country. i grew up in Rhode Island.

and i wanna tell you.  N.Y.C. mass transit is the real deal. most people like you Nomenoste y don't get reality like New Yorkers. it's the most wonderful place in the world because it is not exclusive like a resort. not segregated like beverly hills. you are there with all of humanity. the working class humanity, all of them, around the world. their kids, their families. their heart aches. their successes. their down and out and them making supper....with choped onion. 

Crystal C

@Niko K  You know that the woman who was slashed on he 6 train the other day wasn't the only victim in the last few days, don't you?  New York didn't get their reputation from unsubstantial nothings.

Gil R

@D Rock H @Blythe B  I take the train every day, for 20 years. common courtesy is whats lacking down there. You want to lay out in an empty train, I got no prob with that. But you want to lay out during rush hour like its your couch? Na, that's what ignorant, rude assholes do.

White W

Don't cry when you bring home bedbugs...

D Rock H

@Niko K All you have to do is look in the mirror Diko, if you want to see someone that fits the description you gave. Like really, you're calling 8.5 million people those names means that you are one truly awful person and everyone one of us in NYC are glad you live somewhere else. 

And if you've never ridden the subway, than how the heck do you know what its like? Wow, everything in your comment screams "I'M A FING DOUCHE BAG YET I THINK I'M BETTER THAN EVERYONE IN NYC!!!!" Pathetic. And get a real name Freako

And people pay more because its EXPRESS retard. Jeez, you're pretty fing dumb as well? You are quite the winner....

Bobby C

@Niko K Don't come to the city, that would make one less creep, asshole, and mean person.

Jamie m

No pussy, it's why people are paying 3x more than anywhere else to live here! Grow a pair of balls and pretend to be a man!

Russ D

@Nomemoleste Y crime is much worse in other parts of the country. Ever been to Atlanta, Oakland or New Orleans?  Subways are fine, just dont touch the walls.

Carol C

I've been riding NY subways off and on since the 1960s, from the time I was a kid, to when I worked in NYC in the '80s, to frequent visits with my son over the last 10 years who at 16 is a subway fanatic. I've never been bothered by anyone and have only very rarely felt the teeniest bit nervous. Most of the rats stay down on the tracks if they're around, and most people are just average folks getting thru their day. NY subways may be among the grimiest in the world and not the most up to date, but for its ability to get you all around the city, including much of the outer boros, very fast and for a reasonable price, the NY city subway system is one of the wonders of the world. And it's a lot more pleasant today than in the "broke" years of the 80s when there was no AC in the cars, the lights were constantly switching off and on, and the city's homeless population was way bigger!

king M

I live next door in Ct, I try to visit the city several times a year. I always take the train in and then the subway!! I have never taken a cab or bus! The subway is cheap, easy and entertaining!

Laura F

I lived through the same arc of time in New York. I agree with your assessment. People may be disgusting but two things: 1. the rats are terrifying 2. No matter how revolting people smell, let alone the things they do, taking the subway is incredibly fast and reasonably priced.

Laura F

Crystal C. What is your point? What are you talking about? Your last sentence is incomprehensible.

Blythe B

If this was 1977, I would agree with you wholeheartedly but it's 2015 and I never felt threatened on the subway (use common street sense ofcourse)

D Rock H

@Blythe B These people have no clue about the subways. Lettem be scared and stay away from NYC. Better for the rest of us who actually live here and know what its like...