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10 photos of rude subway riders that will fill you with rage
Written by
Will Gleason

Every once in awhile you come across a fellow commuter who could absolutely not care less about basic rules of subway etiquette. From underground diners to sleepy riders turning an entire bench into their private cabana, these photos of DGAF riders are sure to get you seething.

1. The bro who partied too hard in Montauk.

Photograph: reddit/xacido

2. The biker who doesn't trust his fellow riders.

Photograph: reddit/the_next_cheesus

3. The bento box on the B train guy.

Photograph: reddit/Rasterbator

4. The floor lounger.

Photograph: reddit/newsballs

5. The not about to miss breakfast guy.

Photograph: reddit/Ericisweird

6. The "you CAN take it with you" urban gentleman.

Photograph: reddit/TheFuturist47

7. The subway camper.

Photograph: reddit/Electrorocket

8. The blatant sign ignorer.

Photograph: reddit/DunieMunny

9. The parka parker.

Photograph: reddit/sideshowj

10. The 24/7 musician.

Photograph: reddit/zazzyzulu

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