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10 types of roommates you’ll have in New York, according to TV

By Time Out New York contributors

Roommates. We all have them—or we had the one, which made us realize living alone is totally the right way to go. Sure, when you live with your best friend (or a total stranger), there's always a few signs that you're not going to make it up front. Hell, it might take years before you start realizing that the person you're living with is not a great match. But what we've come to notice (from the roommate horror stories we've heard) is that the problems are shockingly similar to some of the quirkiest roommates we watch on TV. That's why we curated a brief list of the worst—but still lovable—TV roommates, in order to help you identify the type of character you currently live with. Whether they're a Bevers, a Blanche or a Kramer, don't worry—we can recommend some excellent roommate-finding services, in case you want, y'know, a do-over. 

The Nick (from New Girl)
He doesn't believe in calling the landlord to fix your apartment issues and, instead, Macgyvers them until they're one hundred times worse. (I.e. the toilet only works when the sink is running.) 

The Bevers (from Broad City
He doesn’t understand the meaning of “personal space,” he's lazy AF, AND throws away your Bed Bath and Beyond coupons. Er, hello? THEY NEVER EXPIRE. 

The Winston (from New Girl)
He’s constantly pranking you and your roommates with the worst pranks. (Feather in a shoe? Tickle feather? Hilarious, but c’mon.) And you’ll find him conversing and having a far too intimate relationship with his cat, Ferguson.

The Blanche (from Golden Girls)
Sure, she trollops home with random men she met on Tinder every night, but she’s always good for grade-A gossip—and endless slices of New York cheesecake.  

The Monica (from Friends)
She’s a Type-A neat freak and intensely OCD—don’t even think of moving the furniture—but the fridge is always stocked (she'll splurge for Whole Foods prices) and, damn, those clean countertops really do shine. Oh, and you'll never have bed bugs—they wouldn't dare to invade. 

The Kramer (from Seinfeld
He doesn’t actually live with you. In fact, his own apartment is VERY close by, but for some reason he’s always around, stealing your beer and eating your food. 

The Jack (from Will and Grace)
He never cleans up or remembers to pick up more TP—probably because he's a wannabe actor that's too busy constantly changing careers—but you can always rely on him to throw insults and judge you. 

The Adam (from Workaholics)
He's always high and absolutely not an adult, but he's a blast to bring to the bar and always knows about the coolest parties in town. 

The Max (from 2 Broke Girls)
Yeah, she’s a vicious-tongued cynic who’s pretty stingy when it comes to paying for apartment essentials (y’know like napkins). But as a ride-or-die pal, you love that she’s not afraid to tell it like it is. 

The Hannah (from Girls)
She’s not the first person you want to share your troubles with after a long, hard day—she’s too self-absorbed for that. But, hey, at least it’s cool that you know someone who signed a book deal. Oh wait...

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