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Donald Trump
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11 other things Pope Francis and Donald Trump have in common

Written by
Tolly Wright

Yesterday Gallup announced its findings for its annual poll of the most admired people in America. Hilary took first place for the 14th year in a row as most admired woman and President Obama took top honors as a man, but second place was a tie: Pope Francis and Donald Trump.

Sure, one is looking to teach the world kindness, grace and forgiveness for all mankind while the other has got lots of plans regarding walls and banning certain war refugees, but they might have more in common than you’d think.

1. Both have signature methods for covering their balding heads.

2. One is the father of five children, the other is the holy father of 1.2 billion Catholics.

3. They’re both bosses.

4. They’re always talking about greatness.

5. They travel with big posses.

6. Though the reports vary Donald Trump is worth somewhere between $4 and $10 billion dollars. The Catholic church in America alone has an estimated $170 billion annual operating budget and it’d be basically impossible to calculate worldwide. But, you know, billions for both.

7. They both choose to live primarily in apartments: One is in a three-level penthouse on Fifth Avenue, and the other has a small two-room pad in the Vatican guest house.

8. They’re both all about the fragrance: One has his own cologne, Success, and the other is constantly being followed around by men holding incense. (The other is constantly followed by men who are incensed.)

9. Both got a lot of gold.

10. Both have millions of twitter followers and feel NO need to follow anyone back.

11. Despite having almost everything, they’re both determined to gain one more residence: One is aiming for the White House and the other has his eyes set on a place with pearly gates.

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