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11 relationship arguments you’ll have in New York

Will Gleason
Written by
Will Gleason

They may not always be relationship deal breakers, but, inevitably, you will probably get into a majority of these couples' tiffs while living in NYC. Just remember to take a deep breath and remember why you're dating in the first place.

1. The IKEA Disagreement. Lost in the Swedish wonderland that is the Red Hook IKEA, you and your partner will, at some point, have a complete emotional breakdown over stool heights.

2. The Cabbing It Dilemma. One of you will be certain it would be faster to take a cab, and the other will insist on taking the subway. No one will win. 

3. The Seamless Debate. Neither of you will be able to decide what to order on Seamless and you’ll get into an argument not over the food itself but rather, your far less tasty inclination toward indecision. 

4. The Borough Battle. One of you yearns for the open spaces and younger scene found in Brooklyn, the other can’t let go of the convenience of Manhattan.

5. The Messy Apartment Squabble. Even if you love someone, if his or her studio apartment always looks like a bomb went off, you’re going to have to bring it up eventually. Most likely with a box of trash bags and a vacuum.

6. The Long Work Hours Dispute. At one point, you will be working a job with 12-hour days and your partner will not enjoy it. Neither will you, probably. But that's what you get for living in a Workaholic Mecca. 

7. The Trader Joe’s Standoff. Sometimes another person just can’t understand that yes, you actually do need all five varieties of bean noodles THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

8. The Found Furniture Feud. “You’ll never be able to carry that free cabinet all the way back to our apartment from this sidewalk.” “Watch me…. *eyes narrow* Watch me.”

9. The Tinder Quarrel. You’ll think you’re dating someone, and then see them logged onto a dating app. But you were also on said app… How to proceed? It’s a riddle worthy of the Sphinx.

10. The “On Line” Clash. One of you will want to give the line for Shakespeare in the Park/the hottest new food hybrid/Broadway rush tickets 30 more minutes. The other most definitely will not.

11. The Leaving New York Altercation. Moving out of the city to raise a kid makes logical sense. Relocating to Los Angeles for a career opportunity makes logical sense. But why in God’s name would you ever, ever want to leave New York.

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