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Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Adrian Miles

11 ways you know it’s summer in New York

Will Gleason

From sizzling sidewalks to dating someone just for their roof access, here are 11 ways you know that it’s summer in New York.

1. You find yourself standing dangerously close to oncoming traffic and subway cars because of the small breeze they create.

2. The extra sunshine makes everyone from the guy who works at your bodega to your local barista disarmingly chatty and cheerful.

3. It’s so hot you start taking off your clothes while you’re walking up the stairs to your apartment. Sorry guy who lives across the hall.

4. You start looking forward to going to New Jersey. (Because the beach is worth it.)

5. You become immediately suspicious of any weekend activity that does not take place outside.

6. The crazy humidity has you doing things you never thought you'd do like jumping in the fountain at Washington Square Park or dressing like a girl in a rap video.

7. No, it’s not raining outside. You’re just standing underneath someone’s leaky air conditioner.

8. You start to look back on winter as a whimsical time where people wore scarves and weren’t sweating from every pore in their body. Also, snow’s not that bad, right?

9. You get stressed trying to figure out how to fit in every free concert, play and movie screening into your calendar 

10. You get unexplainable cravings for Ample Hills, Mr. Softee and any other frozen treat available pretty much daily. No, you’re not pregnant. That’s normal.

11. Sunscreen, sunglasses and a book go everywhere with you. Because you never know when a sunbathing opportunity will arise. 


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