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12 differences between dating in New York in the summer vs winter

Will Gleason
Written by
Will Gleason

Like a Myrtle Beach t-shirt shop or your favorite High School English teacher, New York is very, very different in the summer than it is in the winter. The drastic shift in climate from Siberian tundra to Hell's Busiest Sauna affects not only New Yorkers’ outfits, daily commute and overall will to live, but also their dating lives. Here are 12 differences in dating in NYC between the summer and the winter.

1. Desirable Traits:
Summer: A car to get to the beach, roof access, central air, looks good in a tank.
Winter: Lives by your office, speaks the same language as you, a human.

2. Perfect Date: 
Summer: Drinks at a rooftop bar followed by an all-night party and a sunrise walk across a bridge.
Winter: They pick up wine on their way over.

3. Good Pick-Up Line:
Summer:"Girl, you're so hot. The F train platform at West Fourth St is jealous."
Winter: "My heat is on."

4. Dating Deal-Breaker:
Summer: "I don't know if I want kids... Commitment can be kind of overwhelming to me sometimes, I guess."
Winter: "I killed a hobo once."

5. Dating Expectation:
Summer: Even if this doesn't work out, at least you'll have gotten to know another human being a little bit better. And had a blast exploring this awesome city in the process.
Winter: You'll hyphenate your names when you get married.

6. Reason to Flake: 
Summer: You lost track of time drinking sangria with your friends at an outdoor happy hour.
Winter: The comforter is too heavy and you can't get it off.

7. Ideal Hook-Up:
Summer: A spontaneous make-out session after an amazing day at the beach.
Winter: Somewhere indoors.

8. Cuddling:
Summer: That's fine. You don't have to touch me.
Winter: Never let me go.

9. Long-Distance Relationship:
Summer: NYC and Montauk
Winter: Your apartment and an apartment five blocks from you.

10. Dating Pre-Game Ritual:
Summer: Laying out on your roof, playing some music and packing a blanket in case you end up at the park.
Winter: Half a bottle of vodka.

11. First Date Order:
Summer: A glass of white wine and a salad.
Winter: The three-course Ukrainian meat special.

12. Successful Date:
Summer: You go back to their place and climb onto the roof.
Winter: You go back to your place and climb into the bed.

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