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12 New York moments from Friends that still ring true

Will Gleason
Written by
Will Gleason

Over its 10-season run, the sitcom Friends got plenty wrong (the gigantic apartments, the sunshine) but also a lot of things right about living in New York. Twenty years since the show first premiered, many of those points still seem relevant today. (The men's hairstyles, not so much.)

1. Moving furniture into a walk-up apartment is still a struggle.

2. Sometimes you end up seeing way more of your neighbors then you'd ever like to.

3. The best thing about your roommate being gone is still dancing naked.

4. Running in the park will always be a bit of an obstacle course. (Sometimes the obstacles are people)

5. True East Coast accents are still a force of nature.

6. Navigating the local laundry place can be overwhelming.

7. New Yorkers still go crazy for discounts on clothes.

8. Even now, no one really knows where anything you leave on public transport ends up.

9. Driving with friends in New York will always be horrifying. (Especially if they were born here.)

10. Sometimes it only takes a little thing to push you into such a psychotic rage that you need to be medicated.

11. Subway performers can be a bit questionable at times.

12. But there's no questioning that New York is the best place to hang out with your BFFs.

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