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12 reasons we're not ready to say goodbye to winter

Written by
Tolly Wright

This may be an unpopular opinion, but we think winter in New York is awesome. Sure, everyone loves flowers, picnics and rooftop bars, but the cold months don't get enough credit. Now that we're officially in March and only weeks away from the Spring Equinox, we're not quite ready to say goodbye to winter. Here's why we'll miss Mr. Jack Frost.

The lack of tourists 
For 10 glorious weeks between New Year’s Day and mid-March, New York City becomes only sort of overrun by visitors. During this time, you can actually sprint through Times Square–well, that is if it's not rush hour or the time of night when all the Broadway shows start or end.

 Hot cocoa
City Bakery’s annual Hot Chocolate Festival ended on Monday, and we’re still torn up about it. 

The trash piles on the streets don't smell
Garbage is still there, but without any heat to bake yesterday’s leftovers. So it’s just a harmless mountain of rat-infested black plastic garbage bags. No biggie.

A perpetual excuse to stay inside
We’ve barely begun to tackle our Netflix binge list. We need the cold weather to explain our continued couch potato behavior.

Ice skating dates 
Call us cheesy, but there's something very romantic about holding hands while slipping and sliding across a frozen rink.

Uber rides without guilt
Yeah, most of us can barely afford to live in this city, let alone splurge on car rides when there’s a perfectly good public transportation system available, but when it’s 2am and 20 degrees outside, all logic goes out the window.

Cozy layers 
Back in the fall, we invested in new coats, heavy sweaters and fun tights. They're super comfortable, and they let us hide that fact that we didn't keep our resolution to hit the gym.

Bars with fireplaces
You don’t have to be a pyro to love looking at those flames while sipping down a cocktail. Speaking of cocktails...

Hot Toddies
If anyone is judging you for drinking a mug of the wintry delight in the middle of the day, just fake a few coughs and say it’s medicine. Totally acceptable.

Look, we’re not looking to jinx anything—we don’t need another blizzard—but another nice, white dusting for beautiful photo-ops would be grand.

Gazpacho is fine and all, but it’s got nothing on that warm, brothy comfort. 

No only do they look cute and colorful, they also hide the fact that you haven’t had a good hair day since September. 

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