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12 ways dating in New York isn't that horrible

Written by
Tolly Wright

We know, we know, dating in New York can be hard. Yet, if you can survive some weird Tinder sexts, baes that don't show and self-absorbed snobs, then you can actually have a good time. So don't delete those dating apps. Instead, look past the gray skies to the massive rainbow of potential love interests.  

1. There’s some place worth checking out in every single neighborhood, so whether you’re visiting their hood, grabbing a drink after work, or you’re trying to find the best spot halfway between your Greenpoint apartment and her Bronx abode, you’re in luck.

2. Since there are so many transplants and immigrants living here, you never have to date anyone who remembers your braces and unfortunate fashion choices in high school or college. Can your married friends back in Michigan say the same?

3. If a date goes great then you can stay out all night. (And you don't have to worry about who's driving home.)

4. If the date goes terrible, there’s a subway or Uber with your name on it.

5. No matter how weird your date is you find comfort in knowing that fictional New Yorkers in Seinfeld, Friends, Sex in the City, How I Met Your Mother and Will & Grace had it worse. Much worse. Remember this embarrassing guy:

6. With so many free concerts, movie screenings, museum days, etc, you can be both adventurous and cheap. Not every date has to be super expensive.

7. Sure, you might get stuck going on dozens of first dates before you find someone you click with, but just imagine yourself as a contestant on MTV’s Next and it's your choice who to spend more time with! Though, unlike Next, your date presumably isn’t being paid $1 for every minute they spend with you and (hopefully) you’re not in an RV.

8. If you regularly date outside your borough, you don’t have to worry about running into your ex on your sweaty walk home from the gym.

9. If you regularly date outside your borough, you can get a lot of reading done on the train during your commute.

10. If you regularly date outside your borough, you can set up the next day’s Tinder dates in stations with WiFi.

11. According to Time Out’s sex poll, 79% percent of New Yorkers have had sex in public, so when the date does go well there’s no need to hold back. 

12. All it takes is a passable view of the city skyline or river and a setting sun for you to be in a romantic place, so go ahead, don’t be afraid to take that special someone to the Red Hook Ikea.

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