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13 words that have a different meaning in New York than anywhere else

Will Gleason
Written by
Will Gleason

Not everything has the same meaning in New York that it does in the rest of the country. From measuring distance to terms of endearment, these words have a slightly different meaning in NYC than anywhere else.

“Long walk”
Other places: From the back of a parking lot to a store.
In New York: Four avenues and ten blocks.

“Cheap drinks”
Other places: $4 cocktails.
In New York: $9 cocktails.

“Crazy hours”
Other places: 8 hour days.
In New York: 12 hour days.

Other places: A piece of pizza.
In New York: A piece of plain cheese pizza.

Other places: The main character in a Marvel film.
In New York: A sandwich made on a small loaf of bread. 

“Pizza Connection”
Other places: A recommendation for a great pizza place.
In New York: The correlation in price between a pizza slice and subway ride.

“Cheap rent”
Other places: $800 a month.
In New York: $2000 a month. 

Other places: A classic holiday ballet popular with children.
In New York: A boozy drink with mysterious ingredients usually bought on a beach. 

Other places: A backyard barbecue.
In New York: A long stare.

Other places: A male child.
In New York: A good friend.

Other places: To bend over.
In New York: The stairs in front of an apartment building. 

Other places: Musical theater.
In New York: A street. 

“Regular Coffee”
Other places: A medium coffee.
In New York: A coffee with milk and sugar.

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