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Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Alper Çuğun

14 signs your barista is into you

Will Gleason

New Yorkers love their coffee. But sometimes they start to suspect they may love the people serving it as well. Maybe it’s that bright smile that greets you every morning or the way he always remembers just how you like your latté. But it’s easy to start thinking that your cheerful, go-to barista might be as happy to see you, as you are to see him. With that in mind, here are 14 signs that your barista is totally, heads-over-heels in love with you.

1. They write special messages on your cup like, “Have a nice day” or “I get off at 6."

2. Your chocolate syrup is always evenly distributed throughout your mocha like strong, delicious chocolate arms cradling your single-but-not-desperate caffeine.

3. He remembers your name even when you don’t pay with a debit card. That’s love.

4. The tell-tale heart design in your latte foam, the service industry equivalent of a marriage proposal.

5. They wink at you even when they don’t have almond syrup in their eyes.

6. They spell your name right even if it’s something tricky like “Kate.” He knows you don’t spell that name with a C, girl. He’s the best. 

7. He doesn’t judge you for adding a brownie to your order at the last-second. And then a cookie on top of that. He knows you’ve had a rough day. 

8. He always tells you that you look great even if you’re coming from Yoga to the People and you look like a dishwashing sponge that really needs to be replaced.

9. When you come in with your laptop he tells you the WiFi password without you having to ask. The WiFi password is your name.

10. He invites you to his band’s gig at some DIY venue in East Williamsburg and tells you to drop his name to get in. You say you go there all the time. You don’t.

11. He always gives you two cups so your hands aren’t too hot as you walk to the subway.

12. He doesn’t say anything when you bring in food from Pret A Manger or Au Bon Pain because he knows they serve really gross food there. He gets it.

13. He smiles at you.

14. He says anything to you at all.


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