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15 things New Yorkers ignore that no one else ever would

Will Gleason

Ignoring all of the absolutely insane things you encounter on a daily basis is a base level coping mechanism for most people who live in NYC. Sorry chain-smoking headless Elmo, no time to stop and chat today! From aggressive live performances to unique forms of personal expression, these are the things New Yorkers ignore that would catch a lot of other people slightly off guard. 

1. Someone peeing in public directly in front of you in the middle of the afternoon on a public sidewalk

2. The garbage smell in the summer, frozen garbage in the winter, garbage just spread across the streets like a fine dusting of snow at all times...

3. Performance art

Photograph: reddit/estybesty

4. The constant clacking of your apartment's radiator

5. An $80 bill for brunch 

6. All of your fellow commuters suddenly being in their underwear

7. Rats scurrying within inches of you

8. The live mariachi band holding your train car hostage

9. The constant presence of balloon delivery people

10. The sound of your roommate having sex behind the temporary room divider you put up to save on rent

11. Clipboard people trying to get your attention to help save the environment

12. Guerilla public art installations

13. Walk signals

14. Seat belts in cabs

15. Celebrities. Especially when they're filming blockbuster films literally on your block


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