16 reasons for breaking up with someone that only make sense in NYC

Will Gleason
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Will Gleason
Content Director, The Americas

Dating in New York is hard enough without any extra stress. That's why some unfortunate characteristics that may be mere cons in any other cities, can quickly become full-on deal-breakers here. If you've ever been in a inter-borough long distance relationship or found yourself repeatedly spending the night in a five-person loft, you'll know what we mean.

1. They live in a glorified studio apartment with four roommates.

2. They can’t understand that maybe you just don’t want a bicycle even though it would “make things so much easier.”

3. They constantly make you take the train to their place at night instead of coming to yours.

4. You can’t remember the last time they let you order from their Seamless account.

5. They constantly comment on everything you pass while you’re walking down the sidewalk.

6. Their apartment is an 8th floor walk-up.  

7. They put Parmesan on their pizza.

8. You find out their new book/play/wordless theater dance piece is based on your relationship.

9. Museums just “aren’t really their thing.”

10. They suggest Domino's as a dinner option in all seriousness.

11. They definitely went out with someone you know, because despite having 8 million people in it, New York is actually tiny.

12. You live in Harlem and they live in Bushwick.

13. They're already in a serious relationship with their finance job.

14. You can't compete with all their side projects.

15. Their apartment is next to a construction site/the BQE/a pneumatic drill factory. 

16. They live in New Jersey.

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