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16 reasons to date someone that only make sense in New York

Will Gleason
Written by
Will Gleason

The dating scene in New York is so rough it could make anyone feel like they were undateable. But that’s only part of the reason it often feels especially difficult to break up with someone in New York. From apartment perks to social connections, these are the reasons people stay in relationships in New York that would seem a little, well, insane to people in other cities.

1. They own a washer and dryer. Just, you know, an average washer and dryer.

2. They have roof access. Literally, just the fact that they're able to climb on top of their roof.

3. Their apartment is located incredibly close to a subway stop. Incredibly close meaning under a five-minute walk.

4. They actually like hauling home groceries and cooking. Because there's no way you're buying one of those cart things.

5. They have a key to Gramercy Park. ("Whaaaaaaat!?")

6. You've grown weirdly attached to their extended urban family (their cute doorman, friendly bodega guy, local bartender etc.)

7. They live close to where you work. Never underestimate the power of love/short morning commutes. 

8. They’re willing to travel over an hour by train to get to you. That's important.

9. Just the fact that they don't have roommates.

10. Their apartment has a gym. You can forgive a lot when a room full of elliptical machines is just an elevator ride away.

11. They live within stumbling distance of your favorite bar.

12. They have central air. Dear God, they have central air.

13. They have a car. A base expectation in other cities basically turns you into The Great Gatsby here.

14. They have some weird hookup from a past internship or some randomly popular themed Instagram account that gives them free tickets to shows, events, etc.

15. Their parents have a summer house upstate.

16. They live near a different subway stop than the last person you dated.

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