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Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/Kai Brinker

16 small things that fill every New Yorker with irrational rage

Written by
Melissa Kravitz Hoeffner

Being a New Yorker may be the best identity on the planet, but living in New York can sometimes feel beyond frustrating. We put up with obscenely-high rents for tiny spaces, endless crowds and plenty of other major annoyances and inconveniences that would shock the rest of the country. When it comes to the little things, New Yorkers aren’t going to take it. Some of the small things that fill us with irrational rage are just everyday occurrences.

1. When a wall of people walks as slowly as possible
If you’re going to snail-walk down the sidewalk, can you at least make room for the rest of us to pass by?

2. When you hear someone else’s headphones on the train
Good for you for not bringing a speaker on the train, but come on, get some better headphones or turn them down.

3. When people stand side by side on escalators
The right is for standing, the left is for running. Stand next to each other on a non-moving surface, please.

4. When someone's reading a giant newspaper next to you on the train
Fold it up! Or go digital.

5. When you buy a $17 cocktail at a mediocre bar and can't get the bartender's attention long enough to even pay the bill
$17 didn’t seem so outrageous when you wanted a cool drink, but when you’re ready to leave this all seems like a massive mistake.

6. When drivers start honking in a gridlock
No one is moving anywhere! Why are you honking? Please stop. 

7. People who push the incorrect button on the elevator so you make an unnecessary extra stop
The biggest waste of time.

8. People who don't know what they want when they finally reach the front of the line at Starbucks 
Not only does Starbucks have the same menu pretty much everywhere, the whole 15-minute wait should be long enough to decide what you needed to order.

9. People who put their stuff on chairs they're not using
Space is limited, this is New York City. Keep your belongings to yourself!

10. Tourists who stop you to ask directions to something that’s right in front of you
Where’s the World Trade Center/Empire State Building/Rockefeller Center? Maybe look up from your phone and hey, it’s right here!

11. Coffee shops that don't have public restrooms
So you have seating for customers to linger and enjoy their coffee but nowhere to pee? You know you serve coffee, right?

12. When you can’t get cell service for any apparent reason
This is New York City, center of the universe. Why are there so many dead zones?

13. Neighbors who vacuum late at night or ridiculously early in the morning
You know your floor is our ceiling, right? Same goes for rolling chairs, rearranging furniture and whatever else your neighbors are doing at odd hours. This city does sleep, sometimes.

14. Littering 
The city is dirty enough, at least put your empty cup in a proper trash receptacle.

15. Waiting in line forever for something that isn’t even that good
Concert, fancy doughnut, whatever, what a disappointment. Blame the hype. Then get angry.

16. When it's cold out… Everything
UGH. Freeze me in an igloo of anger.

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