16 ways life in New York is not as fabulous as is it on TV

Will Gleason
Written by
Will Gleason
Content Director, The Americas

1. Unfortunately, tutus are not common commuting wear. 

2. Your best friend doesn’t live across the hall. Actually, you’ve never even seen your neighbors.

3. You don’t constantly encounter famous people on your street.

4. Your apartment doesn’t look like this.

5. Or this.  

6. Or this. 

7. This would probably give you pink eye. Or get you arrested. 

8. That babysitting job you found on Craigslist definitely didn’t turn out this well.  

9. None of the NYPD officers you encounter are Mariska Hargitay.

10. You can't always be drunk at work.

11. You can't reserve couches indefinitely at local coffee shops.

12. The only website that comes close to covering your dating life is Missed Connections.

13. You don't get laid every time you go out drinking.

14. You will probably never marry James Marsden.

15. You didn't land an apartment so unbelievably amazing while an undergrad at NYU that you could LITERALLY TIME TRAVEL without feeling the need to buy property.

16. None of these woman have ever thrown a cocktail in your face.

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