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17 awkward moments every New Yorker has experienced

By Tolly Wright

We know we’re biased, but New Yorkers usually have a reputation for being cool. No amount of effortless chicness or swagger, however, can make up for those completely-out-of-your-control awkward encounters. It’s okay to blush—we’ve all experienced these cringe-worthy moments.

1. When you see your barista flirting with another coffee guzzler, and realize that they talk that way to everyone who tips them.


2. When you reach to open a cab door at the same time as someone who was both waiting longer for it and is obviously in more need of it.

3. When you go to an important meeting covered in sweat after the two-block walk from the subway to the office in July.


4. When you pretend you don’t see, hear, or experience the drunk stranger puking across from you on the subway.

5. When you fall asleep on the passenger next to you on the train because work starts too early and you’re hung over.

6. When you approach somebody you think you know from college, only to realize you recognize them because they’re a minor TV star.

7. When you accidentally flash someone after walking over a grate in a dress. Yes, it really happens!


8. When you pretend the food you got delivered isn’t for just you. (They just always include all those extra forks, right?)

9. When you and your former Craigslist roommate wind up at the grocery store at the same time, and you both act like you didn’t see each other.

10. When you see someone on the street who you're pretty sure you swiped left on last night on Tinder.

11. When you say goodbye after a bad first date and end up having to walk to the same subway station as them.


12. When you race down the subway station stairs screaming, “HOLD THE DOOR!" only to see that it’s the express train and you need the local.

13. When you bump into your neighbors in the hallway half an hour after you heard them engaging in particularly kinky sex through your shared wall.

14. When you tell the taxi driver you’re going downtown so he’ll let you in the car, and then tell him that you're actually going to Bed Stuy and he has a conniption.


15. When you stand in a long line for a really cool pop-up, and then realize once you finally get inside that you'd been in line for an entirely different popular thing a block away from the one you actually wanted.

16. When you go to the bodega late at night solely for a box of condoms, and then have to buy an assortment of groceries because you forgot about the $10 card minimum.

17. When someone offers you a seat on the subway, but you’re getting off at the next stop so you just stand there insisting you don't want it.



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