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17 things we'd like to see the De Blasio Administration limit instead of Uber

Will Gleason
Written by
Will Gleason

If you’ve logged into Uber lately, you’ve probably seen the “De Blasio Option" that suggested staggeringly high wait times for cars. You may also have seen Uber protests at City Hall or caught advertisements on TV for and against legislation that would regulate the car company’s growth. 

Yesterday, the De Blasio Administration more or less gave up on that legislation, which would limit the growth of for-hire vehicle companies to just 1 percent. Instead, the city is planning on conducting a four-month traffic study on the effect of Uber and other similar companies on New York streets. Though, they’re quick to note, a cap on new drivers is still on the table for the future.

With the debate dying down and City Hall with a bit more time on their hands, here are 20 things we’d like to see the De Blasio Administration limit growth on next.

1. Aggressive rats.

2. Those shoes that hang from wires.

3. Finance bros in neighborhood dive bars.

4. Sidewalk condoms.

5. Confusing unisex bathrooms in restaurants.

6. The amount of people I have to live with.

7. Stairs.

8. The number of performers in a subway dance troupe.

9. Incredibly fit people on city beaches.

10. The price of iced coffee.

11. Bodega sushi.

12. Plastic bags in trees.

13. People sunbathing in whitey-tighties.

14. Flip-flops.

15. Donald Trump's screen time.

16. Subway wait times.

17. Fanny packs.

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