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18 dating resolutions we all make (but never keep)

Written by
Carla Sosenko

We've all been there: You get your sloppy midnight kiss from a stranger and consider it a baptism: Nothing but wise dating choices from here on out! Heck yeah!

Alas, the universe often conspires to be absolutely impossible when it comes to dating and unwise choices are sometimes the only ones we can make. Luckily, we remain steadfast, resolute and just a touch insane in our quest to be better at dating in the new year. Here's what all we singles will be resolving to do once the clock strikes midnight on Thursday night. 

1. No more swiping right on people we know we're not attracted to just because we're bored. 

2. Related: No more endless conversations with people we're never actually going to go out with.

3. Or continuing to date people who aren't nice to us/are bad in bed/are kind of, sort of jerks just because we think it's better than being single. (It's not.)

4. We'll stop ghosting and actually tell people when things are done, like an actual grownup. (And no more silently tolerating getting ghosted on! Up with rage!)

5. No more texting last year's mistake when we get drunk/depressed/lonely. We will have some pride this year!

6. We won't lead on anyone who has absolutely no chance with us. 

7. We'll stop getting super drunk on first dates. (Unless the date in question is really boring and then ALL BETS ARE OFF.)

8. We will stop making out with baristas/bartenders/waitstaff at our favorite bars, restaurants and coffeeshops so that we don't have to keep finding new favorite bars, restaurants and coffeeshops.

9. We'll try to pinpoint what it is exactly that we're looking for. (We said try.)

10. No more writing people off just because they have less-than-perfect grammar/a picture with a tiger/too much hair gel/are shorter than they said.

11. BUT...yes to writing off people who go overboard with emojis.

12. Or are flaky. 

13. Or tell us they have no time to hang out because of their job/band/packed social calendar/mother.

14. We'll stop making out so much in cabs. (Wait, that's actually really fun. We take this one back.)

15. We'll go to bars, events and classes more often to try and meet people IRL instead of using apps.

16. We'll open our mind to dating people outside our usual type. (Or at least consider dating outside our neighborhood.)

17. We will automatically unmatch anyone who prematurely asks for a pic of our boobs/tries to sext before we're ready/asks if we want to make a "home video" before we've even been out on a date. 

18. We will not judge ourselves if we falter in following through on these resolutions. We're only human—and we all gotta eat!

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