20 reasons why spring makes us better New Yorkers

Written by
Sophie Harris

By Time Out contributors, edited by Sophie Harris

Rejoice, New York! Spring is here, in all of its 60-degree glory! And while we've already established that New York is the greatest city in the world for spring (we mean, come on! Look at these beautiful photos of the city in bloom!), we wanted to share with you the very special magic thing that spring does in NYC: this season turns us into better New Yorkers. Seriously, everything's better—from our newfound good behavior and better-looking-ness to our nicer apartments and general cleverness. Here's our scientific evidence.

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1. We become a bit more studious, soaking up a good book on the Great Lawn just as eagerly as those warm, sunny rays.

2. We hold doors open, like decent, courteous people—instead of charging headlong into the nearest coffeeshop as fast as possible to escape the whipping winds.

3. We're flirtier. Romance is in the air and, hey, it's even warm enough for us to flash some ankle. Risqué.

4. Spring cleaning. We finally get around to throwing out all those sweaters/magazines/"art" objects and living our best life. Yes!

5. FLOWERS! Flowers on the kitchen table! Flowers in your hair! Flowers, like, everywhere. We're into it.

6. We're better pet owners. No more W.A.L.K.-shirking.

7. Athletic people are so excited by the warmer weather that they start wearing their sexier outfits, but since it's not actually all that warm, those outfits remain unsweaty. Best of all people-watching worlds.

8. We eat better. Because on pleasant days we can go to farmers' markets without treating it like a hell-stroll in the tundra.

9. We're calling it survivor's glee. Getting through yet another cold, unforgiving winter makes us feel like born-again, shiny happy people. (Use this time to bump into/pee near/brake unexpectedly in front of us now, because it won't last long.)

10. We get more playful. Sign us up, good sir, for that free Ping-Pong and putt-putt at Bryant Park!

11. NO MORE $#@%ING RADIATORS SHHH-ING US TOWARD INSANITY AT 3AM. Now they're just extra shoe shelves.

12. It's cherry blossom season, and this makes us skip around like giddy goats. And who doesn't like a giddy goat?

13. We stop looking all Dracula-pasty ’cause we're chock-full of vitamin D from all that sunshine (specifically, our basking in it without risking frostbite).

14. Our cardiovascular health (and possibly our waistline) improve greatly because suddenly we all want to walk everywhere rather than take a cab or train for anything longer than two blocks.

15. Ice cream improves our sense of inner peace, and the pleasure of sitting outside a gelateria in the sunshine, having ordered every topping your heart desired, is indescribable.

16. Without puffy parkas zipped up to our nose, we get outfit joie de vivre, and this makes us more delightful to be around.

17. We socialize! No more last-minute flakeouts…okay, maybe just a few.

18. We're happy to support local favorites again (book stores, thrift stores), because they no longer require a dismal, snowy trek that sucks our souls.

19. The superiority we feel knowing we earned this weather, it wasn’t just handed to us on a platter like some Southern Californians we know.

20. We can walk down the street without fear of slipping on ice or disappearing up to our groin in a slush hole. Fewer reminders of our mortality = happier New Yorkers.

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