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20 things you’ll definitely see on New Year’s Eve in NYC

Written by
Ben Lerman

You're ready to rage through the night, ringing in the New Year with an animal fervor that brings New York City to its knees, its lesser humans begging you for mercy. Maybe you've planned it all out or maybe you're going to wing it. Either way, you need to prepare yourself for the good, the bad, the ugly and the very, very awkward. 

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1. Five minutes 'til midnight, people sizing up their make-out options.

2. People being charged absolutely ludicrous prices for drinks (and not giving a shit).

3. Some stooge waiting to hear this. 

4. People getting the hell out of Manhattan after midnight any way they can.

5. A very quick flip from celebrating to sick.


6. The person who woke up in the wrong borough.

7. Someone who felt left out gets invited to a party at the last minute.

8. The guy who should be dead by now, but is somehow still partying.

9. The person who needs to be picked up off the floor when it’s time to go home.

10. The guy who sees his two ugliest friends making out with each other

11. That dude convinced he’s the sexiest man on Earth. And ladies: New Year’s Eve is your lucky night.

12. People realizing that the dumb thing they just did is going to be all over their Facebook feed the next morning.

13. The cute single person who brought their super awkward friend to the party.

14. The girl who’s just completely failed to kiss her crush at midnight.


15. Regret. So much regret.

16. The dude who took Molly for the first time.

17. Someone having a shitty night who remains determined to turn it around.


18. Wasted bros who currently find everything hilarious.

19. A victim of circumstance.

20. Seacrest elbowing his way into your night.


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