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20 times Game of Thrones nailed what it's like to live in NYC

Written by
Tolly Wright

Game of Thrones' Westeros may be a fictional land, but many aspects of life there are pretty similar to living in New York City. Like New Yorkers, the gentry of the Seven Kingdoms wear only the latest styles, fear the inevitable winter, admire ambition above all else and have a dog-eat-dog culture (or, in this case direwolf-eat-direwolf). Allow us to elaborate: 

1. Our thirst for partying cannot be quenched with just one round

2. After we've been stuck underground long enough, we don’t know whether to laugh or cry

3. The elevator at work is slow and awkward as hell 

4. Nobody wants to know what’s in the hot dogs

5. It’s very difficult to get through the crowds midtown

6. Like, traumatically difficult

7. Sometimes a room with a view isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

8. Seriously, some windows just aren't worth the price

9. Dudes with puppies never stay single long

10. We’re adventurous eaters

11. Some clubs have really scary doormen 

12. Sometimes a colony of rats takes over your building

13. There’s no point in doing your hair during the winter

14. And during a polar vortex, no one looks good

15. We can't handle someone mixing up the Empire State Building with the Chrysler 

16. When running late, we can get ready really fast

17. Some New Yorkers never go anywhere without their pets

18. In the Big Apple, everyone has to be assertive or risk being stomped all over

19. Boating in Central Park is much better with friends

20. Sometimes you gotta say, “Screw work” and get the hell out of town


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