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Central Park rowers
Photograph: ShutterstockCentral Park rowers

21 little things that instantly improve any New Yorker’s Day

Written by
Tolly Wright

As much as we love New York City, we admit that this town can sometimes fill us with rage and anxiety. Yet, just as surely as there are 31 ways to piss us off, the city finds ways to give back. These are some of the little things that brighten our days and remind us why it's impossible to move away

1. Finding a MetroCard your forgot about in your pocket with enough money for a swipe.

2. An open, garbage-free park bench right outside your office in spring.

3. When it’s pouring outside and there’s magically NO Uber price hike.

4. Meeting a cute Tinder date that actually lives in your neighborhood. 

5. Running into an old friend you haven't seen since college/your bat mitzvah/last week on the street corner. Coincidences! 

6. Your neighborhood deli restocks your favorite beer, probably because you kept asking about it.

7. Getting the elevator to yourself at the skyscraper you work in.

8. When there's no line at Shake Shack.

9. A shop handing out free tea samples on a cold day

10. A shop handing out free froyo samples on a hot day. (If the angel of an employee says, “take one of each flavor,” upgrade the day to amazing.)

11. Your favorite food truck parked near your work.

12. No line at Trader Joe’s.

13. A really talented street busker playing one of your jams.


14. Getting to leave the office at 5pm, for once.

15. No line at Whole Foods.

16. Walking past an awesome piece of street art. 

17. The subway pulling into the platform as soon as you arrive.

18. The MTA conductor holding the train in the station just long enough for you to race inside the door.

19. Seeing someone famous on your commute. (Yeah, we’re cool enough not to pester them, but we’re still bragging to our friends.)

20. A tourist asking us if we're somebody famous. Not yet, stranger, not yet.

21. Catching an amazing, unexpected view of the city.


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