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21 small victories that will make any New Yorker's day

Written by
Tolly Wright

New York may be the greatest city on Earth, but that doesn't mean it’s easy living here. With outrageous rent prices, stressful work environments and a subway system that won’t cooperate, it can be overwhelming. Luckily the city knows how to give back in these little moments that can leave you feeling like you just got a high five from the Statue of Liberty:

1. Your favorite bagel shop just started delivering to your apartment, making lazy Sundays all the more delightful.

2. The train pulls up to the platform just as you swipe your MetroCard.

3. The cafe by your office had one last croissant when you got to the counter, and it's all yours.

4. Even though you left your apartment 20 minutes late, you still make it to the play before the ushers close the doors.

5. You walk through Times Square without getting caught behind any slow moving tour group.

6. Despite the pouring rain and rush hour, Uber is somehow NOT in the midst of a price surge.

7. You stick around late enough at a restaurant that the waiter gives you the leftover baked goods that were going to be thrown away.

8. The bodega that knows exactly how you like your BLT sandwich is still open when you get off the train at 3am.

9. You find a MetroCard in your pocket that has a whole $5 on it.

10. A taxi pulls up for the guy behind you on the street and he graciously says, “Oh, you should take it—you were here first.” (If possible, marry this man).

11. There are no screaming babies at the trendy Park Slope restaurant where you’re getting brunch.

12. A polite commuter offers you their seat just because you look tired.

13. The traffic nightmare caused by the New York Marathon, President Obama’s visit, or Pope Francis’s mass doesn’t affect your commute in the slightest.

14. The line at Trader Joe's only has five people ahead of you.

15. You find a parking spot right outside your apartment building.

16. Right when you're in need of a new table, your friend offers to drive you to Ikea in her big car. 

17. There are phenomenal buskers playing a song that you love while you’re stuck waiting underground.

18. Your radiator stops clanging and becomes gloriously silent (but still works).

19. A cab pulls up right when you've given up trying to hail one and decided to trek to the subway.

20. A bartender is feeling generous and gives you a heavy pour.

21. You make it through a day without waiting for a single thing.

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