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21 things New Yorkers should atone for

Will Gleason
Written by
Will Gleason

By Time Out contributors, edited by Will Pulos

The Jewish day of atonement, Yom Kippur, starts at sundown tonight, and even if you're not religious, you might as well take the opportunity to reflect on your past year of mistakes, bad judgment and poor choices. More likely than not, you can probably find a few things on this list to spend a few minutes mulling over.

1. That time you held the subway doors so your friend could make the train.

2. That night you ordered delivery during a snow storm from a restaurant two miles away.

3. That time you bought pants from the Urban Outfitters in Williamsburg.

4. All the times you went to Starbucks instead of your local neighborhood coffee place.

5. For faking a headache/claiming you double booked/pretended to forget about plans so you could flake and just go home and watch 12 consecutive episodes of Law and Order: SVU

6. When your "suggested donation" at the museum was a big fat zero.

7. When you ordered the "New York City-blend" from 7-Eleven.

8. When the elevator door at work was closing and you only pretended to desperately reach the open-door button.

9. When you ate that Dunkin Donuts bagel because you were “in a rush.” (Also, when you liked it.)

10. That time you Airbnb'd your roommate's room when they were out of town, then acted surprised when they couldn't find their leather jacket.

11. That time when you tripped three people getting off the subway because you were the asshole with rolling luggage that went out of control. 

12. When you stole that cab from the pregnant woman… in the rain.

13. All those times you said you didn’t have any change when you had, like, $5 in change in your pockets.

14. When you canceled on all those Tinder dates last-minute that you just didn’t want to go on.

15. When you dropped your roommate’s toothbrush in the toilet and didn’t tell her (she keeps eating your yogurt!)

16. When you let those Blue Apron meals go to waste because you were working/partying too hard that week.

17. That time you WERE the sick passenger (but it was actually a hangover.)

18. When you didn't give up your subway seat to that little kid right in front of you.

19. Those months you overcharged that random Craigslist subletter in order to make your rent cheaper.

20. When you kept “forgetting” to buy more paper towels, because it was your roommate's goddamn turn.

21.When you give an exasperated sigh every time a person reads their phone or sends a text from the steps of the subway platform to only find yourself doing the same thing four hours later. In fact, you'll probably still do this tomorrow.

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