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Photograph: Paul Wagtouicz

21 things New Yorkers wish everyone else knew about pizza

Will Gleason
Written by
Will Gleason

When it comes to pizza, New Yorkers don't mess around. From cheap slices to neo-Neapolitans, we know how to make the perfect pie. And how not to. So start taking notes! These are the things we wish the rest of the world knew about everyone's favorite food.

1. Pizza should never be more than an inch thick (looking at you, Chicago.)

2. Dollar slices should be generally available to the public, especially late at night. 

3. Sometimes we fold our pizza while we eat it. Deal with it.

4. Eating it at four in the morning after a night of drinking makes it taste better. 

5. Famous Famiglia should be called Infamous Famiglia.

6. Artichoke pizza is actually delicious.

7. Never buy a slice from a place owned by a “Ray”

8. It’s the best $1 dinner you can buy.

9. Yes, sometimes a 10-inch personal pie is worth $18.

10. Crawfish is a topping definitely worth trying (Thanks, Two Boots!)

11. If Hell really did have a kitchen, it would exclusively serve Dominos.

12. You should try honey on your pizza at least once. You’ll probably like it.

13. The best pizza comes from coal or wood-fired ovens, never gas.

14. Anyone who eats pizza with a knife and fork is doing it completely wrong.

15. True New York pizza requires a trip to the outer boroughs.

16. No, our water doesn't make our pizza good, New York just knows how to make it better than you.

17. Delivery should always be an option.

18. You should never be more than 10 blocks away from a good pizza place.

19. Covering your pizza with Parmesan completely ruins it.

20. You can put all the fancy toppings on that you want, but you have to master the simple margherita to be a respectable pizzeria.

21. A “slice” is just plain cheese. As well as man's greatest creation.

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