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Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Steven Guzzardi

21 ways to spot a Bostonian in New York

Will Gleason
Written by
Will Gleason

By Time Out Contributors, edited by Will Pulos

New York is a city full of transplants—from sun-kissed Californians to overly-friendly Midwesterners—but it probably has the most complicated relationship with expats from the capital of New England. They may be here physically, but, more often than not, they left their hearts in Fenway Park. And the clam chowder here? Forget it.

1. Their fridges are typically full of groceries. You ordered delivery? (gasp!)

2. They will NEVER order clam chowder at a restaurant. Nothing compares.

3. They weave through pedestrian traffic like the glorious Mass-hole drivers they are at heart.

4. Their recent Google search includes: “Where to watch the Patriots in New York.”

5. They scoff at artisanal coffee shops and squeal at the sight of a Dunkin Donuts (AKA “Dunks”)

6. They (loudly) express their disdain that Yankee Stadium isn’t within walking distance of some of the city’s best bars and restaurants.

7. They think it’s a downright tragedy that there is no Legal Seafoods in NYC.

8. They slip in the word “wicked” every now and then. 

9. They drop their r’s as in, “Is the bah neah to heah?”

10. They’re the ones you see walking down 33rd street to the Bolt Bus stop on 11th Ave every Friday afternoon/evening to go home for the weekend.

11. They ask if bars have Sam Adams or Harpoon.

12. They think New Yorkers are wusses when a blizzard hits and all roads and businesses close.

13. When “Sweet Caroline” or "Dirty Water" comes on at the bar, they’re the ones belting it louder than anyone else.

14. They’re the ones who take St. Patricks Day more seriously than anyone else, besides the Irish of course. 

15. They probably know more than one Dropkick Murphys song.

16. Their Red Sox loyalty is nuts.

17. They have a Matt Damon and Ben Affleck story. Probably more than one.

18. They complain about how dirty the streets are in New York.

19. Deflategate is a VERY sensitive subject. TOM BRADY CAN DO NO WRONG!!

20. They can be seen wearing Vineyard Vines, no matter the season.

21. They're the one glaring across the subway car at that Yankees hat.

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