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Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/M01229

23 signs that it's spring in New York City

By Tolly Wright

The weather still may be a bit touch and go, but the rainy April showers and (occasional) sunny days with perfect temps, definitely mean that it's spring in New York. From flowers in bloom to bare gams, here are the signs that prove spring has officially sprung.

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1. You start walking everywhere. Eighteen blocks? No biggie.

2. Unless, that is, you’re taking your bike.

3. The city’s grey walkways get beautified. 

4. You stare longingly out the window of your office, only to look over and see your boss is doing the same thing.

5. You start caring about baseball again.

6. Everybody is hardcore picnicking.

7. The city's streets become a museum, as you go looking for public art projects and murals.


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8. Park benches are full of office workers eating their packed lunches. 

9. You’ll pay $5 for a single scoop of ice cream and think it’s completely worth it.

10. Cinco de Mayo becomes a month long holiday in regards to your margarita consumption.

11. You actually smile at a stranger on the street. You feel that good.

12. You start every morning with an iced coffee.

13. New Yorkers go from wearing heavy coats to short shorts over night.

Good morning, March 9th

14. It’s still sunny at dinner time.

15. People are flying kites, and you’re seriously thinking of investing in one.

16. Cherry Blossoms! 


A photo posted by Aileen O. 🌸 (@thestyleboro) on

17. You’re drinking al fresco.

18. You’re brunching al fresco.

19. You’re drinking and brunching al fresco on a rooftop.

20. A trip to pick up new shoes at Macy’s Herald Square includes walking past extravagant floral displays at the Flower Show.  

Macy's Flower Show, 2014

Photograph: Liz Clayman

21. You're rocking those cute rain boots instead of your old winter clunkers.

22. You're binging on Easter candy instead of Netflix.

23. You’ll do anything to get on a boat: kayak the hudson river, sailing lessons, boating in Central Park or even just the Ikea ferry. 


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