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24 New Year's resolutions only New Yorkers make

Written by
Carla Sosenko

It's that time of year, when the date on the calendar for some reason means we're supposed to stop eating fried chicken, quit smoking and suddenly get really good at CrossFit. Here in New York, we have a particular way of doing things, and that includes what we change (or try to!) come Jan. 1.

I will only Seamless once a day on weekends. (Okay, maybe twice.) (But no seriously, how great are lazy Sundays when you only get up from your couch to answer the door for breakfast, lunch and dinner?) 

I will stop Ubering home from work unless it's really, really late. (8 p.m. is really late, right?)

I will use my subway commute for something productive like reading a book or the newspaper, not just napping and crafting dance routines to Justin Bieber songs. 

I will invest in one really good umbrella and be very careful not to lose it so that I don't have to buy a crappy $8 umbrella on the street (that breaks immediately) every single time it rains. 

I will forgo Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts for Blue Bottle/Konditori/Gorilla/fill-in-the-blank small coffee chain. 

I will open up and date outside my borough, or at least neighborhood. Love is worth a two-hour subway ride!

I will go to more shows at DIY spots so they STOP CLOSING. (RIP, Glasslands, 285 Kent, Death by Audio...)

I will stop wearing all black every day. 

I will go to at least one Nets/Knicks/Rangers/Islanders/Mets/Yankees game. 

I will stop swiping right on people I have zero intention of meeting in real life. 

I will take the stairs to my third-floor office. 

I will be less judgmental of slow-walking tourists. (But like, why do they walk so slowly?!?)

I will make it out of work in time to meet my friends for happy hour this summer. 

I will go to see at least one Broadway show. 

I will get a Minibar wine delivery no more than every other week. Okay, every week. Okay…. 

I will only eat at restaurants with an A grade. (B at the very worst.)

I will never bike without a helmet. 

I will reconnect with all the friends I've lost touch with because I work 50 hours a week/drink with the same three people every night/flake on plans all the time so I can stay in and watch Netflix.

I will definitely get to the Jazz Age Lawn Party this year! 

If I live in Queens or Brooklyn, I will make an effort to see my friends who live on the Upper East Side and in Harlem. (Also works in reverse.)

I will stop making out with strangers in bars, at least on weeknights. (A girl's gotta eat!)

I will experience nature more. (I'll start with Central Park.)

I will finally go to all those culinary hot spots I say I'm going to every year but never do. (Lookin' at you, Arthur Ave!)

I will buy tickets to a midnight screening of The Room and actually go (and not fall asleep). 

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